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President Wang Enge: PKU to try its best to serve students

MAR . 27 2013

Peking University, Mar. 26, 2013: ”The university will care about what the students care about, think over what the students think over, and try our best to serve the students, so that each student could grow up healthily and happily.”


Newly appointed PKU President Wang Enge made the remarks when visiting student’s dormitory on the evening of March 25.


It was Wang’s first public appearance since he took office on March 22.



President Wang went to Xueyi Dining Hall prior to his dormitory visit and inquired about food prices, which concerned students.


President Wang told the Center of Dining Service leaders that they should offer more personalized service from teachers' and students’ angle. He had dinner with students and listened to their opinions and advice on dining service.


President Wang visited Student Dormitory No. 33 and called on students. He asked about their living, learning conditions and paid close attention to living habits and eating patterns of students of ethnic minorities.


President Wang exhorted students that they should strike a proper balance between work and rest, strengthen physical exercise and improve the physical quality while concentrating on learning. He told the students that the university would do its best to help them solve practical difficulties at any time if they have any requirements and suggestions.


President Wang had a discussion with a dozen undergraduates at the dormitory, where the students shared their concerns with the president, such as the transportation between Health Science Center and the Campus, and financial aid to needy students.


President Wang praised the students for their suggestions and concerns for PKU. He also encouraged senior students to face the future in a positive attitude, welcoming new challenges with strong will.


“We will care about and pay close attention to each PKU graduate,” Wang said.


Written by: Dui Yanjin
Edited by: Jacques
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