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Xi urges Beida youths to contribute to realization of “Chinese dream“

MAY . 04 2013

Peking University, May 4, 2013: Chinese President Xi Jinping replied Peking University (PKU/Beida) students in a letter dated May 2, calling on them to make contribution "with pioneer spirits."


The Chinese dream is a dream of the nation and every Chinese including young people, Xi wrote in the letter to majors of archaeology and museology whom he met at PKU last year.


President Xi's letter


Video (Chinese): President Xi wrote back to PKU students (CCTV)  


"Only by integrating individual dreams to the national cause can one finally make great achievement," he said.


Xi said he expected young people to "cherish the glorious youth, strive with pioneer spirit and contribute their wisdom and energy to the realization of the Chinese dream."


The "Chinese dream" is a much-discussed concept that has been brought to prominence by Xi. It is widely understood to mean the renewal of the Chinese nation.


Xi also greeted the students in the letter as the Youth Day was coming.


The Chinese Youth Day was established in December 1949 to commemorate the beginning of the May 4th Movement in 1919, a student protest that grew out of dissatisfaction with the Treaty of Versailles settlement. It is regarded by China as a patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism.


Peking University celebrates its anniversary day on May 4 starting from 1953 to commemorate the historical significance of the movement, in which the university and its students, faculty have played a vital role.



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Source: Xinhua