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New president pledges to promote health science education at PKU

APR . 08 2013

Peking University, Mar. 29, 2013: Wang Enge, new president of PKU, expressed that PKU would continue supporting the development of PKU Health Science Center (PUHSC) and furthering integration, rising to the future opportunities and challenges of medical education together. 


He made the remarks during his first formal visit after his inauguration to PUHSC on March 27.

President Wang first attended a discussion with teacher and student representatives and listened to their suggestions for PUHSC’s development, such as improving postgraduate education, students’ dormitories and communication with PKU. Professor Ke Yang, executive vice president of PKU and PUHSC gave an overall introduction of PUHSC and its features of education, challenges and corresponding measures. A
s the newly-appointed president, Wang Enge said he deeply understood his responsibility to follow through on the suggestions for improvement. 



After the discussion, Wang Enge attended the first meeting of “2011 Collaborative Innovation" Council, congratulating and presenting certificates to the chairman and vice chairman. Afterwards he visited several state key laboratories and senior academicians at PUHSC to learn about problems they encountered in lab work and their lives.



Since it coincided with the opening of the 20th Students’ Association Culture Festival, Wang Enge unveiled the festival at Fengyu Playground and experienced the cultures of several associations at PUHSC with much interest.


Wang Enge concluded the visit in Yuejinting Dining Hall to learn about having meals during rush hours. He was invited to eat with the students present and chatted with them about their study and campus life. Upon leaving, he told the staff in charge of logistics to do their best to provide teachers and students with order and convenience on campus.



Written by: Wang Jingwei
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)