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Academic Forum on Intelligent Video Analysis and Evaluation for Smart Cities held

APR . 02 2013

Peking University, Mar. 27, 2013: An Academic Forum on Intelligent Video Analysis and Evaluation for Smart Cities was held at the PKU Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) on March 24. It was jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and PKUSZ.


Renowned scientists and industry leaders from various fields were brought together at the forum to address China’s industrial future. The discussions focused on the essential technological problems of “Intelligent Video Analysis and Evaluation for Smart Cities” and its application.



The “smart city” concept and big data cloud computing and marks an important new direction for the future of city development. A main component of the smart city, audio-visual perception networks will play a principal role in public security, city management, and other relevant domains.


Gao Wen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, gave the opening remarks. Gao pointed out that concepts like big data and the smart city have become hot social topics with the development of a global information field in recent years. With these developments, video analysis and monitoring is becoming a necessary part of smart city planning. While many problems with the monitoring system of smart cities still exist, Gao encouraged forum participants to make substantial contributions to the fields of smart city planning and intelligent video analysis.


Hai Wen, vice president of PKU and dean of PKUSZ, briefly introduced the development and current status of PKUSZ. He commented on the great significance of this academic forum in promoting the development of domestic smart cities and speeding the progress of research in the field of information in PKUSZ.


Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Chen Biao warmly welcomed experts from different fields in the opening ceremony. “We need more scholars to contribute to the informationization and globalization of this lively city--Shenzhen” remarked Chen.


Fang Li, chief operating officer of China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc., representing stakeholder entrepreneurs, also expressed his understanding of the characteristics and meaning of this forum. He hoped for further cooperation with colleges and universities to promote the development of industries related to smart city planning and intelligent video analysis.



Written by: Chen Peng

Edited by: Xu Xinyi

Source: PKUSZ