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Aerobics, artistic gymnastics for physical health

APR . 03 2013

Peking University, Apr. 2, 2013: A senior administrator at PKU called for further promotion and popularization of aerobics and artistic gymnastics.


“Peking University should step forward to make the two exercises global, technical, and public interest-oriented,” said PKU Vice President Liu Wei at the first working conference of the aerobics and artistic gymnastics branch of the fifth Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) on March 30.


“By ‘international,’ PKU will be connected to advanced techniques and outstanding coaches and athletes around the world; by ‘technical,’ PKU will guarantee the improvement of technical level among other branch members while strengthening the exchange of experiences; by ‘public interest-oriented,’ PKU will promote fitness activities in underdeveloped, remote regions and be concerned about health problems of vulnerable groups,” said Liu.


PKU Vice President Liu Wei at the meeting


Sponsored by the PKU Department of Physical Education, it has been the first large-scale conference since 2012 when PKU again became host of the FUSC branch.


“With the founding of the branch at PKU in 1992, the university has taken the first step to popularize aerobics, artistic gymnastics, promoting their development among colleges and other institutions nationwide,” said Vice President Liu.


“As host of the aerobics and artistic gymnastics branch, PKU will make the next step ‘energetic, innovative, transmissible, and win-win,’” Liu added.


Wang Dongjiang, an official with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said the physical health problems among college students should not be ignored. “With what has been accomplished, the two exercises should be advanced,” he said at the meeting.


Liu Guoyong, an official with China’s General Administration of Sports, urged the FUSC aerobics and artistic gymnastics branch to consider the students' physical health problems and effectively implement the slogan "An hour of exercise each day."


Besides aerobics and artistic gymnastics, the branch’s work also covers hip-hop and cheer squad.


Two committees on public welfare and health were launched at the branch in 2012, responsible for promoting the branch’s public interest-related projects, the idea of healthy physical development among students, and relevant curriculum.



Written by: Zhang Chao

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)