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Health alert! — Not cholesterol, but sugar

APR . 29 2013

Peking University, Apr. 29, 2013: Cholesterol is "not that to blame," asserted one of the most world-renowned experts in the fields of health and nutrition.


Professor Jonny Bowden, invited by Peking University (PKU) College of Engineering, shared his knowledge about the relationship among obesity, cholesterol and heart disease with PKU students on April 12, 2013.



Prof. Bowden


China, as Bowden warned, is under the dangerous threat when the obese people outnumber the healthy. Showing America's yearly ballooning number of the overweighted since 1991, Bowden reviewed how the most obese nation has been built.


To acquit cholesterol of heart disease, Professor Bowden adduced its molecular structure. In fact, there are two kinds of low density lipoproteins (LDL) in cholesterol, one of which is healthily beneficial indeed – while the noxious Pattern-B is convicted of murder.


A balanced diet in Bowden's eyes is of more anti-inflammation with less grains or sugar. According to him, the direct cause of obesity and heart disease is sugar rather than cholesterol. Apart from carbohydrate, body inflammation and stress are also the hidden dangers.


Bowden's other healthy suggestions included: being active against stress, doing more exercise, taking in adequate nutrition, getting rid of cigarette and alcohol.


Written by: Jin Panzhu
Edited by: Arthars
College of Engineering