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Malaysia invites PKU prof. as brainpower in education

JUN . 02 2013

Peking University, May 13, 2013: Professor Shi Xiaoguang from Peking University (PKU) Graduate School of Education attended an expert consultative session on higher education policies in Malaysia from May 2 to 3.


Hosted by Malaysian Ministry of Education and organized by the “Global Landscapes Program,” the session was aimed at inviting international experts in higher education policies to give advice on the latest version of “National Education Blueprint” (see PDF).



Group photo of the attendees


Nine experts in all were invited from across Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, South Africa, America, Austria, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. On behalf of the Chinese Mainland, Professor Shi Xiaoguang introduced the reformation and development of Chinese higher education, as well as the establishment of modern university institutions.


Written by: Cheng Zui

Edited by: Zhao Ning

Source: Graduate School of Eduaction