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Rural candidates increased to over 20% in PKU independent enrollment

APR . 23 2013

Peking University April 15, 2013: Peking University further increases the proportion of rural candidates to more than 20% in the preliminary test and retest of its independent enrollment this year.

Director in charge of Peking University Admissions said that that the proportion of rural candidates admitted may be higher than 20%, according to the results of the re-examination this year. Guanghua School of Management and School of Economics will also take full account of differences between urban and rural areas, and give priority to the candidates from less developed regions or rural areas, while of course applying the same conditions.

The retest of Peking University’s independent enrollment started on April 13, attended by more than 800 participants from across the country. A comprehensive interview and a physical fitness test were conducted on April 13. On the morning of the next day, an interdisciplinary innovation potential test was conducted, and part of the participants took the self-selection test organized by Guanghua School of Management and School of Economics in the afternoon.


Peking University continues to use the “Yuanpei comprehensive evaluation system” this year, which has been used in the assessment of candidates from real name recommendation of middle schools principals. Further to this, every candidate is judged by eight experts in five aspects, multi-angle, multi-level assessment, including the preliminary evaluation, subject-based test, comprehensive interview, interdisciplinary innovation potential test and physical fitness test.


In the preliminary evaluation, each expert give an independent evaluation opinion according to the university's unique selection and evaluation criteria, combined with students' personal interests, ambitions, high school academic performance, disciplinary expertise, and social services involvement. The subject-based test session examines the student’s basic knowledge of natural science and in the humanities. During the comprehensive interview process, three experts interview the students’ ability of critical thinking and leadership in groups. In the interdisciplinary innovation potential test, candidates answer questions by listening or reading advanced interdisciplinary material, showing their innovation potential. In addition, all students were required to participate in the physical fitness test. Experts from the Committee of Independent Enrollment give the final result of candidates by the students' combined performances in the above five aspects. Final Candidates will enjoy the preferential policy of a 60-point decrease from the local admission score in the college entrance examination. Thus, serving as an additional opportunity, in particular for students from rural areas, to enter Peking University based on their capabilities and potential.


Written by: Liu Qi
Edited by: Zhao Xiaowei, Armin Reinartz
Source: Xinhua News