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Professor Yu Lisheng elected vice-chairman of International Ears Society of Internal Medicine

APR . 19 2013

Peking University, March 13, 2013:The Sixteenth International ears Medicine Annual Meeting was held in Beijing lately. Professor Yu Lisheng from the People’s Hospital of Peking University was elected vice-chairman of International Ears Society on Internal Medicine, China Branch.


The iconic work of international ear medicine includes establishing professional international scientific unions, organizing international conferences on a regular basis and establishing professional training courses. International Association of Physicians in Audiology, IAPA, established in 1980, is an internationally recognized professional ear science society, which established its own independent magazine–Audiological Magazine in 1992. The meeting is held once a year or every other year.




The People's Hospital of Peking University ENT has done a lot of work in the area of the ear medicine. Professor Yu Lisheng launched and organized the sudden deaf multi-center study of the country in 2005, which organized 34 research centers across the country to participate in and 1024 cases were collected. The entire work has entered the final stage of data processing and thesis writing.


In 2004, the People's Hospital of Peking University ENT established a vertigo treatment center, the country's first jointed clinic for vertigo conducted by the Department of Otolaryngology and the Department of Neurology. He initiated the route of administration at the back of the ear in 2007, which was a pioneering treatment to inner ear disease and recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts. Because of his excellent work and contribution, Professor Yu Lisheng was elected vice-chairman of the China Branch of the International ears Society of Internal Medicine.


At the 83rd Annual Meeting of the German Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Association, Professor Yu Lisheng was awarded the Special Contribution Award, and took charge of the China-Germany Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Friendship Association.


Written by: Guo Caichen

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)