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PKU President Zhou Qifeng awarded “The Best Principal of China”

JAN . 17 2013

Peking University, Jan. 13, 2013: “The Best Education of China” is an annual educational grand ceremony held by china.com.cn in order to spread good educational ideas and modes around the nation and award a group of educators who made great contributions to the country’s education in various fields.


On January 9, the ceremony of this year was held in Diaoyutai State Guest House. More than 400 scholars, specialists, officials, media people, as well as leaders in well-known education organizations got together and discussed current issues in the education field.


After that, the award of “The Best Principal of China” was announced. PKU President Zhou Qifeng received the award.


Tao Xingzhi, a famous educator, once said, “Principal is the soul of the school.”The award is actually a way to present this kind of “soul” to the whole society. A good principal should be the one who can take the lead in morality and guard the grand duty and principle for education. Meanwhile, this person should be the designer of the mode for school education, the guide for students and faculty members and a pioneer in education creativity and break-through as well.


President Zhou Qifeng was interviewed by china.com.cn, during the ceremony. He said that in his opinion, the so called “The Best Education of China” should be the kind of education that can be accepted by everyone. Though, education is a broad concept, which included preschool education, primary education, secondary education, higher education, as well as lifelong education. Purposes and duties vary in different stages and types of the whole process. Good higher education should always provide students with positive energy and scientific method, and foster the students of talents to develop their potentials and make contributions to the nation.


 “The Best Education of China” lasted for more than 2 months, and received votes for nominees online to select the organizations and individuals that made great contributions to education. The ceremony announced “The Best Principal of China”, “The Best Teacher of China” and some other awards.


Written by: Guo Caichen

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)