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1st China Development Advertising Forum held at PKU

DEC . 31 2012

Peking University, Dec. 27, 2012: The First China Development Advertising Forum was held at PKU on December 22. The forum, for the first time, systematically expanded the term “development advertising” brought out by PKU scholars.




 “Development advertising” is a new term first brought out by scholars led by Professor Chen Gang from the School of Journalism and Communication at PKU, Based on China’s unique advertising environment, the concept cannot be well explained by western advertising theories. Chen said at the forum that “Development Advertising” could also be seen as an application and expansion of the traditional “Development Theory”.


“Development advertising” has already aroused interests of the United States academic circle, as Professor Cheng Hong from Ohio University emphasized.


Professor Chen Gang and his colleagues from Ohio University and Wuhan University delivered speeches to systematically elaborate the related research background, themes, frames and values.


They thought that China’s market, internet and globalization were major factors affecting the relevant researches, and Chinese philosophy could provide the thinking perspective. For the research values, the established theories were supposed to be used to study the transformation of Chinese advertising industry and support its development.


 “Development advertising” was gradually formed in previous forums. Now it is being studied by scholars led by Professor Chen Gang from PKU and other institutes from China and around the world. Preliminary research achievements were published in an independent column of Advertising Studies.


The forum was also regarded as one of the celebrating activities held for PKU advertising major’s 20th anniversary.


Background Info:


PKU advertising major was first founded in the School of Art in 1992. It was then transferred into the School of Journalism and Communication and formally became its Department of Advertising in 2002. Over the past 20 years, it has been focused on inspecting China’s advertising industries from an independent, objective and deep perspective, which produces a series of influential researches. For instance, the first academic journal of advertising, Advertising Studies, was born there. The scholars has led pioneering studies on rustic citizens’ consuming activities, and brought out “Creative Management of Communication” at the era of internet.


Written by: Liu Yineng
Edited by: Arthars
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