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Peking University welcomes the New Year

JAN . 03 2018
Peking University, Dec 31, 2017: On December 31, 2017, the 2018 New Year’s Eve Gala of Peking University was held at PKU Hall. Hundreds of teachers, students, alumni and guests got together and enjoyed the show.

Beginning with the cheerful song A Happy New Year (Chinese: 《开心过年》), the gala featured shows prepared by student representatives, student associations, alumni,  university departments as well peer institution Tsinghua University (THU). The performances were in various forms, including song, medley, magic show, opera, dancing, etc. Aerobics Xuan Wu Weiming (Chinese: 《炫舞未名》) was so vigorous that it warmed up the entire show.  Following that were creative chorus the Internet Era (Chinese: 《网络时代》) and dancing Backbone (Chinese: 《脊梁》) respectively presented by Singsong choir and student dancing association. It’s worth noting that students from THU also presented a performance-the champion of 24th THU Campus Singing Contest Wang Zeyin sang Love is Eternity (Chinese: 《爱是永恒》), demonstrating the friendship between the two universities. One of the most applauded performance was the medley Yu Mi (Chinese: 《鱼•米》) presented by the winner of 2017 PKU Top Ten Singers Competition Shi Lin together with two other students. Other performances were also greeted by cheer and applause. 

During the gala, President Lin Jianhua delivered a news year’s address titled Facing Challenges. In his speech, he wished everybody a happy new year and reviewed PKU’s achievements in terms academic research, campus life, administration as well as infrastructure building. However, a true top university never stand still being satisfied with its past achievements, he said. The biggest challenge we face is defeating this satisfaction we may all have from time to time. Only by self-challenging and keeping pushing boundaries can we forge ahead and be recognized by the whole world.

Beijing Opera presented by performers from Affiliated High School of Peking University

The show also witnessed the awarding ceremony of 2017 PKU Annual Figure and Top PKU Internet Figures.

“… Three, two, one-Happy new year!” in the last seconds of 2017, all the people present counted down together, pushing the gala to its climax.

With the whole cast coming to stage and singing the song Xiang Qing Xiang Ai (Chinese: 《相亲相爱》), the show concluded with perfect ending.

Reported by: Huang Yadan
Edited by: Zhang Jiang