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Professor Ji Linong Elected Chair of International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Region

DEC . 21 2017
Peking University, Dec. 21, 2017: Professor Li Jinong, director of Endocrinology and Metabolism Department of Peking University People’s Hospital, was formally elected Chair of IDF-WRP. It was the first time for our country’s expert in diabetes and endocrinology to undertake a regional leadership in international academic organizations, which symbolized that the position of China’s diabetes academia has been greatly raised in the international diabetes arena, and will facilitate the research collaboration between China and international diabetes academia and thus promote the development of China’s diabetes cause.

The series of basic research conducted by Professor Ji Linong have laid foundation for our country’s strategy of molecule-typed diabetes prevention. He has led a series of nationwide large-scale surveys of disease diagnosis and treatment so as to provide thorough evidence for our country’s diabetes prevention, and conducted a great many evidence-based and translational medical studies, some findings of which have been recommended by China Guide for Diabetes. He has also presided over the drafting and emending several guides in the field of diabetes, launched the nationwide activities of promotion and education, thus pushing forward the standardization of our country’s diabetes prevention and treatment, and initiated a series of large-scale public welfare activities so as to raise the public awareness of diabetes prevention and treatment.

Written by: Lang Lang

Edited by: Liu Xin, Zhang Jiang
Source: Peking University People’s Hospital
Link: http://bynew.bjmu.edu.cn/zhxw/2017n/193515.htm