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“Integrity, Creativity, Futurity: 100 Years of Graduate Education in PKU and China” inaugurated

DEC . 14 2017
Peking University, Dec.13: On the morning of December 12, the celebration ceremony and international forum for “Integrity, Creativity, Futurity: 100 Years of Graduate Education in PKU and China” hosted by Graduate School of Peking University was held in Yingjie Exchange Center.

Scene of the celebration

Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Han Qide, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, Du Zhanyuan along with some other leaders and experts were invited to attend the meeting. Many distinguished national and international scholars and professionals responsible for graduate education gathered together for the celebration and the forum.

A video about the history of PKU graduate education unveiled the celebration. PKU President and Dean of Graduate School Lin Jianhua delivered a welcome speech. Lin accorded a hearty welcome to all the honored guests and paid tribute to the teachers and students who have made great contributions to the development of PKU graduate education. In his review of the history of graduate education in PKU and China, Lin pointed out that Peking University is the birthplace of Chinese graduate education; PKU graduate education has cultivated a wide range of excellent graduate students, established a marvelous academic tradition and would lead the future of Chinese graduation.

President Lin delivering welcome speech

Moreover, Lin hoped that in the context of the national “Double First-Class” initiative and the upcoming 120th anniversary celebration, experts and scholars should put forward more constructive suggestions and effective solutions to cope with the challenges and problems encountered in graduate education in China. Lin also expected that Peking University could work with universities worldwide to promote the development of China’s graduate education.

Then, Du Zhanyuan on behalf of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China expressed his warm congratulations and sincere greetings to PKU faculties and students as well as education administers. In addition to giving a high appraisal of Peking University for its contributions to China’s graduate education, Du illustrated the essence of connotative development of China’s graduate education. Du emphasized the importance of morality, practices, integrity and creativity, people-centered cultivation and Chinese solutions with Chinese characteristic in the construction of the world-class graduate education in China. At last, Du encouraged Peking University to stick to its mission and keep on making efforts to accelerate the progress of graduate education in PKU and China.

Vice Minister Du giving speech

Therewith, Han Qide delivered a speech. Regardless of the substantial increase in both the quantity and the quality of Chinese graduate students, Han suggested that more attention should be given to relevant issues such as the systematic problems, the uneven development and underdevelopment of China’s graduate education, and so on. Han further inspired Peking University to maintain reformative, innovative and creative so as to make contributions to the society and Chinese graduate education in the new era.

Vice Chairman Han delivering speech

Finally, President Lin gave a keynote lecture entitled “Imaging the Future: Graduate Education in Peking University”. Lin introduced PKU’s graduate education from three perspectives: past, present and future. Then Lin indicated that it is crucial to connect society and academy, and keep open and inclusive in terms of culture so as to improve graduate education.

Afterwards, the international forum on graduate education kicked off. International and domestic scholars and experts freely shared their experience, exchanged their ideas about graduate education and proposed valuable insights into the future development of graduate education.

Reported by: Wang Qian

Edited by: Zhang Jiang