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PKU Alumna Vivian Qu Wins the 54th Golden Horse Best Director Award

DEC . 06 2017
 Peking University, 4 December 2017: “I prefer to regard independent films as art films or auteur films. I wish to shoot films with sincerity, exploration, and non-compromise, and I hope they can withstand the test of time and reach the heart,” Vivian Qu said.

The 54th Golden Horse Awards, one of the most prestigious film awards in the Chinese-speaking world, was announced in Taipei in the past November. Owing to Angels Wear White, a film based on social misconduct behind the sexual assault of adolescents, PKU Alumna Vivian Qu stood out among the nominated, surpassed director Sylvia Chang with the popular Love Education, and succeeded in winning the 2017 Best Director Award.

Vivian Qu, who had always been known for her calm and graceful style, said in her acceptance speech: “This film reflects the life of the violated children, as well as everyone of us spectators. Thus, it is not only a story in China, but also a story happening worldwide. I’ve dedicated myself to art films for 10 years, and I hope to speak for the children who failed to make their voices through the film.” Her concern about social issues, courage to break the silence, and determination to persist, all served as important support for her winning the award.

Qu’s persistence and hard-work are indispensable for her achievement. During an interview, she said that in order to film the social realism movie successfully, she with her colleagues visited many public service centers and psychologists, and was shocked by many cases, which also stiffened her resolution to shoot Angels Wear White.

It was reported that Angels Wear White had dazzling performance in many international film festivals in 2017. Qu had also become mainland’s first female director to take part in the competition of Venice International Film Festival. Currently, the award-winning film Angels Wear White is a major hit in cinemas.

Background Information:

Vivian Qu, 1989 alumna of PKU School of Life Sciences, is a Chinese film producer, director and screenwriter.

Qu produced Night Train in 2007 and Knitting in 2008. On 25 January 2013, Longing for the Rain, another film she produced, premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam. In the same year, she debuted feature as director, Trap Street, mainland’s only feature film nominated at the 70th Venice International Film Critics’ Week. In 2014, she produced Black Coal, Thin Ice, which won Golden Bear Award at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. In March 2014, an authoritative Italian Magazine La Rivista del Cinematografo
 placed Qu among the world’s 8 most potential budding filmmakers.

On 27 July 2017, the feature film Angels Wear White Qu directed was nominated at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. On 31 August, Angels Wear White entered the 61st London Film Festival. In October, the film gained its place in the checklist at the 54th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, and brought Qu with a Best Director Award on 25 November.

More Information:

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La Rivista del Cinematografo: “New Generation—the Oscars of the future” (in Italian)

Written by: Zhou Yijing
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: School of Life Sciences, Peking University