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Peking University hosts seminar on development of information-related disciplines

DEC . 04 2017
Peking University, Nov. 30: The international peer review of the information field of Peking University took place from November 8 to November 10. During the peer review, experts shared advice on the development of information-related disciplines at Peking University. To further promote the development of these disciplines, President Lin Jinhua hosted a seminar in the conference room of the 5th Science Building on the morning of November 21. Gao Song, vice president of Peking University, along with other invited guests also attended the seminar.

Seminar on the development of information-related disciplines

Zhang Pingwen, director of the Office of Discipline Development, briefed attendees on the assessment process conducted by international experts and shared preliminary feedback. Mei Hong, a former Dean of Peking University School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, reviewed the history of the founding and subsequent development of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, and then offered his perspective on the future of information-related disciplines. Other participants also gave many constructive suggestions regarding organizational structure, personnel size, management system, resource allocation and staff management.

President Lin Jianhua said that the advice from the expert committee of the international peer review was an important reference for planning the development of disciplines and institutions at Peking University. He added that the university will carefully study the advice and come up with reforms based on the actual situations of these disciplines.

Lin also pointed out that information-related disciplines are one of the university’s main fields, and that they form the core of interdisciplinary fields. According to Lin, Peking University’s information-related disciplines have played important roles in the university and made considerable contributions in recent years. He cautioned, however, that these fields still face a great deal of problems and challenges. Lin promised that the university would be open to suggestions from both professors and students, and that the university would actively promote reform of the discipline in terms of both management and structure.

Written by: Wang Yuxiang

Edited by: Erin Dunne & Xie Changli
Sources: PKU News (Chinese)