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Representative of the Party Congress emphasizes the importance of undergraduate education

NOV . 27 2017
Peking University, Nov. 20, 2017: Professor Pei Jian, vice director of Office of Education Administration, offered a blueprint of student education and scientific research at Peking University inspired by a report delivered by Hao Ping on behalf of the 12th Party Committee. Pei plans to bring Peking University closer to the global center of higher education by 2050.

As a scholar as well as a professor, Pei believes it is essential that Peking University emphasize undergraduate education. In order to prioritize undergraduate education on campus, Pei thinks that the Party Committee of the university should take action to bring changes to the status quo.

Pei Jian at the meeting

Speaking of the difference between teaching and research, Pei explained that teaching requires greater sincerity and dedication but acknowledged that academic research can bring an immediate sense of achievement. Pei who is devoted to educating students, thinks that the university should address this discrepancy by giving more rewards to professors for teaching as it is not easy to make a course helpful and attractive.

Written by: Pan Xinchen
Edited by: Erin Dunne & Xie Changli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)