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Peking University delegation visits Hong Kong and promotes communication

NOV . 20 2017
 Peking University, Nov. 13, 2017: On November 5, 2017, Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, led a delegation to Hong Kong. During their stay in Hong Kong, the delegation attended a ceremony honoring Dr. Lui Che-woo’s donation to Peking University and made a visit to Wang Zhimin, director of the Liaison Office of the Central Government in Hong Kong. They also met the principals of famous high schools in addition to Peking University alumni in Hong Kong.

On the evening of November 5, Lin Jianhua and other Peking University alumni from various Hong Kong social circles gathered for a dinner party at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Lin made an introduction highlighting Peking University’s achievements in reform and development in recent years and invited Peking University alumni in Hong Kong to experience the University’s change and development during the 120th Anniversary of Peking University.

Lin Jianhua and Peking University alumni at a dinner party

On the morning of November 6, the delegation attended an exchange conference. About 40 long term supporters of Peking University’s development, including seven honorary members of the board of Peking University, were present. Choosing “Gratitude and Sharing” as the theme, Lin Jianhua briefed the guests on recent achievements and upcoming plans of Peking University and thanked all friends in Hong Kong for their long-standing support for Peking University. During his conclusion, Lin warmly invited them to the university to attend the series of celebrations for the 120th birthday of Peking University.

Lin Jianhua shaking hands with Tony Chan, president of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

In the afternoon, Lin attended a symposium with 31 principals and admission officers of well-known high schools in Hong Kong. Lin shared Peking University’s admission information in Hong Kong and explained the overall situation of Peking University in terms of teaching and research. Lin then gave a detailed introduction of the comprehensive education reform undertaken by the university in recent years.

Symposium with principals of well-known high schools in Hong Kong

On November 8, the delegation attended the signing ceremony of the donation of Dr. Lui Che-woo to the School of Life Sciences, Peking University. Lui Che-woo, chairman and founder of K. Wah Group, announced a donation of 120 million yuan to Peking University to establish the "Lui Che-woo Fund of the School of Life Sciences." The fund will be mainly used in constructing Peking University’ Life Sciences Research Building and supporting the development of the School of Life Sciences.

To commemorate the great contribution of Dr. Lui Che-woo, Lin was presented with an award, and, in further recognition of his donation, the Life Sciences Research Building, which is expected to be completed and put into use in early 2018, will be named " Lui Che-woo Building."

Written By: Wang Yuxiang

Edited by: Erin Dunne & Xie Changli
Sources: PKU News (Chinese)