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“Approaching UNICEF—a Dialogue with UNICEF’s Representative to China”

NOV . 16 2017
Peking University, November 14, 2017: On the evening of November 2, the third lecture of “IO Course”—PKU vocational course on international organizations and “undergraduate career development planning course (approaching international organization)” was given in the 8th meeting room of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Ms. Rana Flowers, delegate of The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in China, was the guest lecturer and Ha Wei, researcher of Graduate School of Education, Peking University, presided the activity.

Ms. Rana Flowers

In the beginning of the activity, Ha Wei shared his own working experience in international organization and gave a brief introduction of Ms. Rana Flowers, who is currently the UNICEF’s Representative to China. Since joining UNICEF, (originally as a consultant in 1994), Ms. Flowers has served the organization in the Planning/Evaluation and Communication Divisions in New York and in UNICEF's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean and leads the team members to conduct related work in many countries and areas. To improve the current status of women and children, Ms. Flowers fully exerts her professional knowledge and skills to provide support and assistance for disadvantaged groups. 

Ms. Flowers delivered a speech entitled “Approaching UNICEF” in a humorous way, and the atmosphere was quite active. She introduced the history and current situation of UNICEF. Founded in 1946, UNICEF has received rich fund and support of many celebrities and is one of the most influential organizations in the United Nations. During the 70-year of its development, its responsibilities change from mounting urgent relief programs for children and adolescents in war-ravaged countries to helping children around the world to realize their rights to survival, development, protection and participation. Ms. Flowers pointed out that working in UNICEF is an opportunity to earn a good salary and improve the ability at the same time.

Rana Flowers introduced related information about UNICEF in China. For a long time, UNICEF has been devoted to discovering issues related to children’s right and finding solutions to the problems through official channels. In the meantime, UNICEF also provides financial fund to conduct investigation and research and help to improve rural environment. And UNICEF plays an important role in coping with emergencies like offering materials and safe places for children suffering from Yushu earthquake. Ms. Flowers mentioned that the shortage of water and some other problems in public health are still serious in China and will continue to be a big concern of UNICEF. 

Ms. Flowers also stated the requirements to work in UNICEF, including the minimum of two-year’s professional working experience, master’s degree in relevant fields, command of more than 2 official languages of the United Nations. Besides, she mentioned three shortcuts to enter UNICEF, which are through NATI project, JPO project or internship project. She pointed out that students should demonstrate their passion, courage, implementation capacity and fulfill their own value no matter how they enter the workforce in the future. 

As an important part of “IO Career” activities (career development guidance on international organizations), “IO Course” will continue to invite senior officers or top experts from highly influential international organizations to deliver speeches. Aiming to “serve for the world and lead the future”, “IO Course” sets up a platform for PKU students to have dialogues with elites from international organizations and help more and more students grow to be talents with knowledge and ability in global governance. 

Written by: Wu Chaochao
Edited by: Hu Rong