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PKU professor Xu Chenyang wins 2017 Future Science Prize

NOV . 08 2017
Peking University, Oct. 29, 2017: On October 29, 2017, the winners of 2017 Future Science Prize were announced in Beijing. The prize in mathematics and computer science was presented to professor Xu Chenyang. Xu delivered a speech during the awards ceremony.

Xu Chenyang at the award ceremony

In his speech, Xu expressed his gratitude to the award committee for being recognized as the first winner of Future Science Prize in the field of mathematics and computer science. He pointed out that mathematics is the foundation of many cutting-edge technologies, such as the signal transmittal of mobile phone and so on. However, the importance and basis of mathematics in our daily life is not the reason why mathematicians devote themselves to mathematic study. It is the elegance and beauty inside it that attract them to dedicate themselves to the course. Thus being able to appreciate this beauty and earn his living by doing so makes him feel grateful. 

The charm of mathematics also lies in the utopia it helps to create. As Grothendieck mentioned, “The sole thing that constitutes the true "inventiveness" and imagination of the researcher is the quality of his attention as he listens to the voices of things.” Xu believes the quality of attention as people listen to the voices of things is equal regardless of social status. As a result, everyone is equal and owns absolute freedom while exploring the unknown. As long as you can obey the basic rules, sky is the limits. Xu believes every single progress in the history of math implicates human reaching a new summit. He mentioned winning the prize is not only a honor of himself, but also an encouragement and boosting for young mathematicians.

Written by: Huang Yadan
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou