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PKU Mountaineering Association hosts seminar on Tuanjie Feng expedition

NOV . 07 2017

Peking University, October 30, 2017: On October 27, 2017, Mountaineering Association of Peking University hosted a seminar to share their experience climbing Tuanjie Feng (E0115011). Qian Junwei, dean of the Department of Physical Education attended the workshop along with representatives from the Biking Club, the Hiking Association of Peking University. Sports clubs from other universities in Beijing, such as the Beijing Institute of Technology and Renmin University of China, were also present.

Students ascending Tuanjie Feng (Pictures from the official Wechat account of Mountaineering Association)

Tuanjie Feng, located in the north of Qinghai Province, is the highest summit of the Qilian Mountains and boasts an altitude of over 5,800 meters. Beginning on April 24, 2017, Mountaineering Association organized a special expedition for mountaineering on Tuanjie Feng. To prepare for the trek, the club organized relevant training courses hosted over two months. The preparation paid off and the adventure was a success making Tuanjie Feng the 23rd jokul that the club has explored.

At the seminar, Qian Junwei began by recalling his trip to Chooyo, the 6th highest mountain on the earth, and emphasized the spirit of teamwork in outdoor explorations. Next, Sun Jing made a speech on behalf of the team leader Qiao Ximing, who is studying abroad. As a member of the mountaineering team, Sun wanted to acquire more information and current data on Tuanjie Feng. Long Tianyun, captain of the expedition, illustrated their ascent in detail and acknowledged the Mountaineering Team of Tsinghua University for offering its report on the exploration of Tuanjie Feng in 2013.

Long Tianyun reports about the expedition

(Photograth provided by Mountaineering Association)

After enjoying a video recording and recalling their experiences during the Tuanjie Feng trek, all members of the team shared interesting events that happened during the accent and offered their reflections on the adventure. “I’d been dreaming of approaching the jokul for a long time,” said a member of the expedition who added “And to quote George Mallory, I devoted myself to ascending a peak not to challenge or conquer it, but ‘because it’s there’.”

Written by: Pan Xinchen

Edited by: Erin Dunne & Xie Changli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)