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The Press Conference of the 2nd World Congress on Marxism held at PKU

OCT . 28 2017
Peking University, October 25, 2017: On October 22, 2017, the press conference of the 2nd World Congress on Marxism was held in PKU. At the press conference, Gu Hailiang, director of the Academic Committee of the Congress on Marxism, and also deputy director of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, introduced the relevant situation of the conference. At the conference, there were also Professor Sun Daiyao, Professor Yu Wenli and Professor Liu Jun of the organizing committee, as well as Professor Alexander Buzganlin from Russia and Professor Sean Sayers from the UK.

Professor Gu Hailiang made a review of the First World Congress on Marxism in 2015 and introduced the great significance of the Second World Congress in 2017.

Professor Alexander Buzgalin pointed out that Marxism played an important role in understanding the national situation and planning future development strategy, and mentioned the importance of the 2nd World Conference on Marxism. Professor Sean Sayers affirmed the importance of China’s contribution to Marxism’s study and Marxism’s great influence on Chinese politics, culture, education and other fields. Professor Sun Daiyao introduced the main forums and expressed that PKU was responsible and confident to successfully host the 2nd World Congress on Marxism.

In October 2015, PKU successfully hosted the 1st World Congress on Marxism, and it has a great impact domestically and internationally. This time, the 2nd World Congress on Marxism will be held from May 5 to 6, 2018 at PKU. This year coincides with the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, the 170th anniversary of the publication of “The Communist Manifesto”, 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, also the first year after the 19th national congress of the Communist Party of China.

The theme of the 2nd World Congress on Marxism is "Marxism and the current world and China". The conference will focus on exhibiting the path of China’s development, Chinese theory, system, and culture, face the international common issues, gather the world Marxism researchers, and explore Marxism to lead the development of world civilization.

Relative Information:

The 2nd World Congress on Marxism will have 13 subforums and 4 special events:


1.      Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marx
2.      Marx's theory and text research
3.      Compilation and research of Mazan
4.      Marxism and Contemporary Capitalism
5.      Marxism and world socialism
6.      Marxism and human destiny community
7.      Marxism and China in the 20th Century
8.      40 years of China's reform and opening-up, the path of China’s development, Chinese theory, Chinese system and Chinese culture
9.      The Chinese socialist ideology of the new era and Marxism in the 21st Century
10.    Marxism and the establishment of Chinese philosophy and social science system
11.    Marxism and the mission of contemporary youth
12.    The theory and practice of Marx's Nationalism
13.    China's experience from the point of the world’s view

Special events:

1.    Summit dialogue on Marxism, Chinese traditional culture, and western culture
2.    China solution and the way of modernization of developing countries
3.    Chinese socialism in the new era and world socialism in the 21st Century
4.    The world modality of Marxism’s studies

Written by: Li Yangxian
Edited by: Hu Rong