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Linker Fund of PKU School of Government established

OCT . 28 2017
Peking University, October 26, 2017: On October 24, the donation ceremony for Linker Fund of PKU School of Government was held at Leo KoGuan Building. Anhui Linker Holdings Ltd. donated 5 million CNY to set up the Fund. Served as a tribute to PKU’s 120th Anniversary Celebration, the Fund aims to support the construction, education, and research of School of Government.

Anhui Linker Holdings Ltd. Chairman Zhang Xiangdong, Executive Vice President Li Zhi, Director of Communications Department of China Charity Federation Liu Fang, Assistant to President of CCF Chen Yanqiu, PKU Vice President Wang Bo, General Secretary of PKU Education Foundation Li Yuning, Dean of PKU School of Government Yu Keping attended the ceremony. Also present were other school leaders, executives of the group, as well as representatives of teachers and students.

During his speech, Yu Keping noted that the establishment of Linker Fund provided a strong support for the overall development of School of Government and the growth of students. School of Government will continue to practice the school philosophy, adhere to academic belief and cultivate excellent students, so as to reciprocate peers, caregivers, and sponsors.

Zhang Xiangdong reflected that his experience during studying made him put high value on education. Touched by PKU’s pioneer spirit and sharing the same sense of mission and values, he decided to promote the construction and development of PKU School of Government, as well as advance the cultivation of future leading talents for politics and government. He also stated that in order to expand and deepen the integrated education system of school and enterprises, Anhui Linker Holdings Ltd. would subsequently invest 3 million CNY per year to open a leadership training course for Linker Group’s back-up talents. The course, combining quality education and skills practice, would elevate talent training and raise company’s core-competitiveness.

Signing of donation agreement

In warm applause, Li Zhi, Li Yuning and PKU School of Government Executive Deputy Dean Yan Jirong signed the donation agreement. Wang Bo, on behalf of Peking University, issued a certificate of appreciation to Zhang Xiangdong. Yu Keping and Zhang Xiangdong unveiled the nameplate for “Linker Classroom”.

Yu and Zhang unveiling the Nameplate for “Linker Classroom”

Chen Yanqiu read the congratulatory letter sent by China Charity Federation(CCF). CCF remarked that Anhui Linker Holdings Ltd. highlighted its philosophy by shouldering social responsibility while pursuing self-development. Peking University, acting as the center of the New Culture Movement and the cradle of the May Fourth Movement, had made irreplaceable contribution to the liberation of people, the construction of the nation and the progress of the society. The establishment of Linker Fund of PKU School of Government would encourage the combination of philanthropy and higher education, assist teaching, benefit more students, and would certainly encourage more people to participate in charity.

Wang Bo, representing Peking University, appreciated Zhang Xiangdong and Anhui Linker Holdings Ltd. He stressed that the establishment of the Fund is an act of kindness for Linker Group to reciprocate the society, and is of great significance to the reputation and the development of the group. The Fund would definitely endow School of Government with more favorable conditions and powerful assistance as to talent training, scientific research, and social services.

Linker Fund of PKU School of Government will support the School’s construction in two ways. Part of the Fund would be used to set up scholarships, and the rest to upgrade the development of the School, including improving teaching and office environment and issuing awards for faculty.

Written by: Zhou Yijing
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou
Source: PKU News(Chinese)