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Professor Han Fang delivers a Keynote Speech at World Sleep 2017

OCT . 26 2017
Peking University, October 18, 2017: World Sleep 2017 was held at Prague Congress Center from October 7 to October 11. Professor Han Fang of Peking University People’s Hospital, chairman of Chinese Sleep Research Society and director of Sleep Research Center, Peking University, delivered a keynote speech at the conference as the only speaker from Mainland China.

Last year, two great world sleep organizations, World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and World Sleep Federation (WSF), amalgamated as World Sleep Society. The conference is the first conference co-hosted by WASM and WSF after their consolidation, and henceforward, World Sleep, a series of international academic conferences, would become the brand biennale conference.

The conference selected 16 keynote speeches, 102 forums, 18 continuing education trainings before conference, 138 contributing speeches and 1168 wall posters to share with thousands of related researchers and experts. The conference was held at the very time when 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was entitled to the researchers of biorhythm, which called people’s attention to sleep rhythm.

According to incomplete statistics, 46 sleep researchers from Mainland China attended this conference, which was unprecedented in the history. Han Fang introduced his researches on symptoms, epidemiological characteristics of seizures, family genetic relationship and gene expression etc. of narcolepsy. His researches were widely-recognized by other scholars. Han Fang was also the member of the academic counseling committee and international science committee of this conference and the speaker and the host of the four other forums.

Sleep Medicine is an emerging interdisciplinary. Affiliated hospitals of Peking University Health Science Center, Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Peking University, Advanced Technology Institute, Peking University and College of Engineering, Peking University formed a team which combined medicine and engineering together and launched Sleep Research Center, Peking University in August. Many other researchers of Peking University attended the conference as well and had seminar exchange with researchers from all over the world.

Written by:
Chen Guanlan
Edited by: Hu Rong