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Peking University Sixth Hospital Starts the “Sunny” Project on Mental Health

OCT . 26 2017
Peking University, Oct. 16, 2017: On October 10, 2017, the 26th World Mental Health Day, Peking University Sixth Hospital started the “Sunny” Project. As a leading institute in the field of mental health in China, PKU Sixth Hospital plans to organize public lectures to promote related knowledge to more people. Present at the opening ceremony were officials and doctor representatives of PKU Sixth Hospital.

The Opening Ceremony

The educational project is aimed at improving public understanding about mental health and creating a good atmosphere to care for mental health. In the future, PKU Sixth Hospital will continue the program by organizing public lectures on a monthly basis.

Lu Lin, president of the Sixth Hospital, delivered a speech at the ceremony, introducing the current situation of mental health. Mental diseases have caused grave economic and social burdens all over the world, especially depression. Many people are biased against or ignorant about mental diseases, or regard them as equal to physical sicknesses, causing a high rate of misdiagnosis. To prevent depression, Lu suggested that people keep a harmonious interpersonal communication and a healthy lifestyle. Once confirmed of mental diseases, people are expected to turn to standard institutions for treatment. 

Peking University Sixth Hospital is the clinical, talent-training, and scientific research base of psychiatry and mental hygienics in China. Adhering to the principal of “expressing humanism with scientific spirits”, it hopes to arouse public attention and concern for mental health by its continuing efforts.

Written by: Wang Xi
Edited by: Fu Wenyun, Karen Xu