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Wang Linghua wins AAPPS-DPP Young Research Award

OCT . 24 2017
 Peking University, September 30, 2017: The 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics was held in Chengdu on September 21. Wang Linghua, a researcher of School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, was awarded the AAPPS-DPP Young Research Award for her great contributions to plasma physics by the Association of Asia Pacific Physical.

The Association of Asia Pacific Physical established “AAPPS-DPP Young Research Award” in 2016 to recognize significant contributions made by young Asian researchers (less than 40 years old) in the field of plasma physics. This award is one of the most important young researcher awards across Asia. The winners are chosen by previous S. Chandrasekhar Prize winners.

Wang Linghua was highly praised by the award committee for “her significant contributions to the understanding of particle acceleration and transport at the sun and heliosphere, as well as to the development of energetic particle detectors.”

AAPPS-DPP Young Research Award 2017 Winner Wang Linghua

Written by: Li Xiaotong
Edited by: Hu Rong
Source: PKU News (Chinese)