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Celebration for National Day: Peking University Mountaineering Team Summited Mount Cho Oyu

OCT . 04 2017
Peking University, October 3, 2017: At 8:48 am, October 1, 2017, members of Peking University Mountaineering Team reached the summit of Mount Cho Oyu at 8,201 meters (26,906 ft) above sea level, sending China a unique “birthday present” on National Day. 

As wind whistled by and clouds hovered about, all members’ hearts leapt with joy. The mountain that they have been dreaming about for months now lies under their feet. The undulating ranges and the solemn sky before them were like an everlasting myth.

Mountaineering team photo before climbing the summit

Camping under the stars at Mount Cho Oyu
On the way to the summit

Mount Cho Oyu is located at 28°07′37″N, 86°39′43″E, between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the border of Nepal. Cho Oyu means “Turquoise Goddess” in Tibetan.  The mountain is the sixth highest mountain in the world and one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas.  

Climbers on the march
In order to successfully climb the summit of Mount Cho Oyu, the team members did almost three months of preparation work, including high-intensity physical training, multiple field exercises and experience-sharing, as well as thorough and professional material support. The Mountaineering Team set off for Tibet on September 6th, and summited Mount Cho Oyu on October 1st, the 68th birthday of China.

At the summit of Mount Cho Oyu, the team members sent their best wishes to China for her birthday, wishing China a prosperous and strong nation and a great success of the 19th National Congress. They also expressed their wishes for PKU as it ushers in its 120th anniversary.  

Preparing for a summit attempt
Group photo before summiting

Peking University Council expressed sincere congratulations to the PKU Mountaineering Team for their success. Their determined spirit will inspire PKU faculty and students to aspire to greatness.  

The team members summiting Mount Cho Oyu include:

Mountaineering Association of PKU: Qian Junwei, Zhao Wanrong, Zhuang Fangdong, Li Jinxue, Guo Jiaming, Tao Bingxue, Xia Fan, Wei Wei.
PKU Alumni: Cao Jun, Fang Xiang, Wang Hui, Li Wei, Yang Dongjie.
PKU Staff: Zhao Dongyan

Background Information:

Mountaineering Association of Peking University (MAPKU) is a PKU student association focusing on mountain climbing. Founded on April 1st, 1989, it was the first student association in China centering on mountaineering and rock-climbing. The members of the association are students and teachers of PKU, and the events include physical training, hiking, mountaineering, rock-climbing and scientific expedition.  From its foundation to September 7th, 2017, the association had organized 38 climbings of various mountains of China, exerting great influence on China’s amateur mountaineering and alpine expedition.

Written by: Pan Xuru
Edited by: Xu Penghang