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Professor Ji Jiafu selected as a Member of 2017 Beijing Scholars Program

SEP . 29 2017
Peking University, Sept. 28, 2017: Recently, The Beijing Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security has announced the list of 2017 Beijing Scholars Program. Professor Ji Jiafu, president of Peking University Cancer Hospital, has been selected as a member of this year’s program.

Professor Ji Jiafu

Professor Ji Jiafu has been working on the frontlines of clinic and research of stomach cancer. He has led his team to first establish and integrate the specification of the operation and has set up the Chinese version of NCCN guideline for stomach cancer. He also drafted the first criterion of diagnosis and treatment of stomach cancer and created a new pattern of the comprehensive treatment of advanced stage stomach cancer, and a world-leading clinical sample research bank. Professor Ji Jiafu and his team have published nearly 200 papers in SCI journals like Lancet and Cell Research. Also, he has been awarded multiple national scientific awards.

Beijing Scholar Program is aimed at the construction of the city’s high-level professional and technical personnel team and the selection and cultivation of a group of world-leading, innovative, and advanced innovators, creators, constructors and managers, in order to provide impetus for the scientific development of Beijing and the construction of the international metropolis with Chinese characteristics. The program plays an important role in fostering first-rank scientists, engineers, and masters in natural science, engineering science and technology, and social science.

The achievement of the clinical practice and scientific research by Professor Ji Jiafu and his team has a great scientific value and application prospect. Professor Ji Jiafu’s being selected into the program is going to provide an advantaged platform and safeguard for the development of stomach and intestine tumor subject of Peking University Cancer Hospital. It also provides a chance for the hospital to continue promoting talent construction.

Written by: Hu Yue
Edited by: Hu Rong