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Opening Ceremony for Peking University Freshmen

SEP . 12 2017
Peking University, Sept. 10, 2017: On September 8, the opening ceremony of Peking University freshmen was held at Peking University Gymnasium. Thousands of freshmen arrived early with joy and excitement—the Gymnasium was full as early as 8 o’clock in the morning. 

Interior scene of the opening ceremony

During the warm-up part, PKU dance troupe gave a wonderful performance. PKU choir and Acappella club led the students in singing Love in PKU and Chengdu (PKU version). The lyrics of both songs are written by PKU students, demonstrating the scenic beauty of the campus, PKU students’ ardent ambition and their profound sense of social responsibility. All were deeply touched by the genuine lyrics, and some were even moved to tears.

Chengdu (PKU version) by PKU choir
Love in PKU by Acappella club
The Road Less Traveled by PKU dance troupe
Enthusiastic audience

PKU Executive Vice President Gao Song hosted the opening ceremony. After a cordial welcome to the freshmen, he gave a brief introduction to the President’s Scholarship for doctoral candidates. The Scholarship was founded in 2009, designed to encourage students in innovative scientific research. It has been PKU’s highest honor for graduate students, with the largest prize and widest impact. After the introduction, Professor Hao Ping,
chairman of Peking University Council, presented the award. He hoped the scholarship recipients could cherish the honor and continue their enthusiasm in scientific research. He also called on all PKU graduate students to set the recipients as examples and make greater contributions. 

Playing the national anthem
Professor Hao Ping reading the list of award
Zhao Lanxin, a 2017 undergraduate student from Yuanpei College gave a speech on behalf of the freshmen. She shared her experiences and thoughts both as a Math Olympiad winner and a writing-enthusiast. She felt extremely lucky to enter Peking University—PKU is China’s top university for mathematics and Chinese, thus it can equip her with abundant resources and opportunities in her pursuit in both areas. “At Peking University, at this campus renowned for its tolerance of different voices and various personalities, you will always find companions on whatever road you take, and every choice of yours will be supported.”

Zhao Lanxin delivering her speech

Professor Sun Qixiang, dean of School of Economics, extended a warm welcome on behalf of the teaching staff. She offered several suggestions to the students: seize the moment and excel, remain grateful to others, value ourselves, especially our health and dreams, and cherish this great era where we are the nearest ever to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. According to Sun, the best way to cherish the era is to grab the chance and make our own contributions.
Professor Sun Qixiang delivering her speech
President Lin Jianhua also welcomed freshmen into this big family. Looking at the passionate youth on students’ faces, he reminisced his first step into PKU forty years ago. Lin said that the past forty years was like a real time-travel drama—changes in these forty years have been so dramatic that they are beyond imagination. However, there is one thing that remains the same throughout decades, that is PKU students’ deep concern about family and nation, their fearless spirit to think big and different, and their perseverance in academic pursuit. He hoped that the students would follow their interests, stay curious, and cultivate their innovative and critical spirits.
Lin then mentioned that the undergraduate and graduate students educational reforms taking place right now are aimed at providing a better environment for students to learn and grow, since the purpose of education is not to turn a living person into a tool or a machine, but to learn to be Human. President Lin hoped that students could achieve the peace of mind at PKU and devote themselves to academic studies. 

Professor Lin Jianhua delivering his speech

 After the speech, all the freshmen put on their school badges. This solemn moment marked the beginning of their journey at Peking University.

Freshmen carefully putting on their badges
Written by: You Danqian
Edited by: Xu Penghang
Source:PKU News (Chinese)