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TUNG Chee Hwa, the Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, visits Peking University

JUL . 31 2017
Peking University, July 28, 2017: TUNG Chee Hwa, the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, visited Peking University in the afternoon of July 17th. An Yufeng, the vice chairman of Peking University Council met with Mr. Dong and his members in Jingyuan Courtyard No.3, along with Professor Yuan Ming and Director Xia Hongwei.

An made a meeting with Tung along with Yuan

In the beginning of the meeting, An welcomed Mr. Tung. Also, Professor Yuan introduced him the basic information of Yenching Academy project. According to Professor Yuan, Yenching Academy is an education program with international view for talented students, supported by the history and faculties of humanities and social sciences to push forward the interdisciplinary studies on Chinese problems. The academy have recruited over 300 students in 3 years.

Mr. Tung praised the project and mentioned that education is a long-term process calling for constant contribution and efforts. According to the Belt and Road Strategy, it is a critical mission to cultivate the emissary of Chinese culture. In order to complete the mission, the education of young students shows great significance. Yenching Academy provided chances to talented students around the world to know more about China, which is helpful for dealing with problems both home and abroad. He also asked about the admission to Yenching Academy of students from Hong Kong. He encourages more Hong Kong students to study in the mainland to improve their knowledge about their motherland and her mental outlook nowadays.

Mr. Tung and his members having talks with students

After the meeting, Mr. Tung and his members came to Jingyuan Courtyard No.4 to have talks with Professor Xie Yu and the students from the Global Seminar on Contemporary Chinese Society held by Peking University and Princeton University. Mr. Tung shared his ideas on the relationship between China and the United States by commenting on recent incidents. According to Mr. Tung, although it was not a smooth sailing, there have been different opportunities pushing forward the relationship between the two countries. Under the background of economic globalization, it is an irreversible trend for us to cooperate and reach for win-win results. The collaboration of two great countries can solve many global problems like the climate change and terrorism, and the communication between youths is an important basis of international cooperation.

Professor Tang Fuchou, the vice director of BIOPIC, introducing their research to Mr. Tung

When the talk with the students ended, Mr. Tung visited the Biodynamics Optical Imaging Center (BIOPIC) of Peking University in the Comprehensive Research Building. Professor Tang Fuchou, the vice director of BIOPIC introduced the revolutionary changes brought by the research, which studies Biology and basic Medical science on the level of molecules and cells. Mr. Tung showed great concern on medical problems such like cancer and senility, and asked about the application of these technologies in the field of medicine and public health, looking forward to the medical collaboration of researchers from Hong Kong and the mainland.

Written by: Hu Yue
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)