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The 14th International Conference on Arts and Culture Management inaugurated at PKU

JUL . 05 2017
Peking University, June 30, 2017: On June 26, the 14th International Conference on Arts and Culture Management (AIMAC) was inaugurated at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, PKU. This conference was co-hosted by Peking University and the International Association of Arts and Culture Management (AIMAC).

Hao Ping, chairman of Peking University Council, Wan Lijun, deputy director, Department of sports hygiene and art education, Ministry of Education, Francois Colbert, chairman of AIMAC, Wang Yichuan, dean of School of Art, PKU, Lin Yi, chairman of AIMAC in China and professor of School of Art, PKU, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Special guests and scholars were invited to the conference as well. Peng Feng, deputy dean of School of Art hosted the opening ceremony.

Hao Ping
Hao Ping said, CIMAC represents the highest-level international development of culture and arts management, and its debut in China is of great significance. PKU will seize this opportunity to promote the disciplinary construction, to enhance talents training and academic communication, to extend influence over its arts and culture management, and thus to make her own contributions to the civilization of human being and development of society.

Wan Lijun
Wan Lijun believed the conference will promote the mutual understanding between scholars domestic and abroad and Chinese Ministry of Education is willing to bolster further cooperation of Chinese and foreign management of arts and culture.

Francois Colbert (left)
“The world is paying more attention to China’ achievements in arts management,” Francois Colbert said in his speech and expects China to play a more important role in the international management of arts. The conference themed “the new leadership in the co-construction of world civilization”, embodies the diversity of international arts and culture management, strengthens transnational exchanges and cooperation, builds mutual understanding and consensus, and consequently promotes the progress of human civilization.
Wang Yichuan and Lin Yi also shared their views on the status quo and development of arts and culture management with experts and scholars.
International Conference on Arts and Culture Management is held by the International Association of Arts and Culture Management, as a representation of the highest-level academic conference in the field of international management of culture and arts. Initiated in 1991 and held every two years, it attracts 300 to 500 represents from all over the world every time. It is also the first time that the Conference was held in China and Asia. As a distinguished gathering to exchange ideas about arts and culture management, AIMAC conference will doubtless promote the development of China's culture and art management in relative disciplines and industries.
After the opening ceremony, nearly 400 attendees from over 46 countries and regions participated respectively the roundtable summit, 7 special sessions, and doctoral forums.

Written by: Wei Yunqi
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)