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Peking University and Shenzhen Government sign Agreement on a New Biological Imaging Center

JUL . 04 2017
Peking University, July 3, 2017: On June 28, Shenzhen government and Peking University signed a cooperation agreement of building a new center of biomedical imaging facility in Shenzhen. Yang Hong, member of Standing Committee of Shenzhen, Wang Hongbin, minister of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Xu Jianling, deputy director of Shenzhen Education Bureau , PKU president Lin Jianhua, vice president Wang Jie, Gao Song and Wang Yanglin, academician Cheng Heping and other representatives participated in the signing ceremony. 

Signing Ceremony

Cheng Heping made a report on the overall layout of imaging facility. Firstly, with more international cooperation, an influential biomedical imaging center with be built. Secondly, based on the imaging center in Beijing, the new center would further complete the layout of domestic development in scientific and medical instruments. Thirdly, the building of the center would help promote both scientific research and related industry.

Academician Cheng Heping

Professor Ren Qiushi, vice director of Faculty of Information and Engineering Sciences, made a report on the preparation for the new center. According to the plan, the center would be a new platform including advanced biomedical facilities and intelligent analysis center, and the technology growth of the center would help promote the development of the life science and medical facilities in China.

Professor Ren Qiushi

Yang Hong stated the mission of Shenzhen to construct itself as a center of science and technology innovation in China, and stressed the history and importance of long-term cooperation of Shenzhen and Peking University.

Yang Hong

Wang Jie pointed out the importance of instructing imaging facilities as one of the prior goals of “The thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. He restated the instruction plan of the new center and its promising future of leading the development of cutting-edge science in the field of life science and medical science.
Written by: Fu Wenyun
Edited by: Zhang Jiang