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Li Zhe wins the Third Prize in the Quarterfinal of ENN Cup World Weiqi Open Tournament

MAY . 29 2017
Peking University, May 16, 2017: On May 7, Li Zhe, an undergraduate from Department of Philosophy of Peking University defeated Tan Xiao in the 227th move in the quarterfinal of The First ENN Cup World Weiqi Open Tournament and won the third prize.

Li Zhe (right)

Though lost to Ke Jie in semi-final later, Li leveled his best record in world championships with this third-place grade. In the competition with Ke Jie, Li’s preeminent courage and innovativeness demonstrates not only his ability and tenacity but also his achievements on the research of AI in the field of Go these years. Many top players including Ke Jie have given a positive evaluation to Li’s original layout. Some experts commented that though Li can hardly match world champions like Ke Jie now, he has a special talent and a sense of innovation, which had been obvious even before his study of AI and is partly due to his study of philosophy.

According to Li Xiaopeng from PKU chess association, Ke Jie will represent human to challenge AlphaGo in the second season of human vs. computer contest in late May. People from all over the world has paid attention to this activity including not only Go fans but also those from fields of science, technology and culture.

The competition between Ke and Li would be of a great benefit for Ke since Li has had a deep research and understanding on AlphaGo. Moreover, Li has established a Go salon in Peking University aiming to communicate with other Go fans and explore the essence and value of Go from the aspect of culture and philosophy. Recently they have discussed about artificial intelligence in the salon, which inspired students to ponder on the philosophy of Go, AI, and the future of human society. This salon is also an application and exploration of President Xi Jinping’s proposition of learning the game theory.  

Written by: Chen Yifan
Edited by: Xu Penghang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)