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PKU and Uppsala Clinical Research Center jointly supervise Clinical Trials in Anesthesia

MAY . 24 2017
Peking University, May 24, 2017: Recently, PKU Clinical Research Institute has signed an agreement with Uppsala Clinical Research Center in Sweden to jointly supervise clinical trials --- " a comparison of the effects of pure propofol or sevoflurane during operation on total survival rates after operation for patients with breast cancer or rectal cancer: an open randomized controlled study ".

In this study, a total of 8000 patients with breast or colorectal cancer surgery will be selected from 10 European clinical institutes in Poland and Sweden, and from Department of Anesthesiology of PKU First Hospital. Invited by Uppsala Clinical Research Center, PKU Clinical Research Institute will be responsible for project management and supervision work in China branch center (Department of Anesthesiology of PKU First hospital). Recently, the first on-the-spot supervision work has successfully started.

It is reported that this cooperation with Uppsala Clinical Research Center is a timely response of PKU Clinical Research Institute to the needs of modern clinical research and a particular embodiment of creating an internationally-advanced support platform for clinical research technology.
Written by: WU Zhaoxia
Edited by: Zhang Jiang