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Taiwan University Day held at Peking University

MAY . 23 2017
Peking University May 8, 2017: On April 25, Professor Yang Panchi, president of Taiwan University, led a delegation to Peking University at President Lin Jianhua’s invitation. On this year’s Taiwan University Day, the two universities focused and exchanged views on a number of important topics such as environmental protection, population ageing, innovation and business start-up.

Forum Responding to Social Issues

On the morning of April 25, the Cross-Strait Youth Innovation Summit for Education was held at the PKU Business and Innovation Center for College Students. The two universities exchanged ideas about the cultivation of young entrepreneurs, discussing the curriculum design which includes consideration of syllabus, teaching, learning methods and assessment. They also shared with each other their own practices and achievements in business incubation programs. Student representatives from the two universities were invited to give a presentation on their business start-up experience.

The summit

The Population Ageing Forum was held on the afternoon of April 26. Around 70 experts from the Institute of Population Research, Peking University, and the College of Social Sciences, Taiwan University, attended the forum and offered their opinions and plans for a health care system to meet the needs of the growing numbers of older people across the straits. The forum was conducted in the form of group discussions and a roundtable discussion. The delegation also paid a visit to the Institute of Population Research of Peking University.

Group photo

Two preliminary conferences on government regulations and scientific research of PM2.5 were scheduled on the morning of April 25. On the afternoon of April 26, environmental researchers from the two universities shared their analysis of air pollution in cities and exchanged views on future cooperation of scientific research and publications on air pollution and PM 2.5.

Strategic Partnership Calls for Greater Cooperation

On the morning of April 26, the fourth meeting for Peking University-Taiwan University Strategic Partnership was held at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center.

Signing ceremony

At first, the two universities looked back on the history of Peking University – Taiwan University day since 2010. At the forth meeting, the two universities spoke on the topics of business and innovation, environmental protection and population ageing. Both universities agreed on a need for greater cooperation between them in order to follow the prevailing trend of the booming internet market and young entrepreneurship. The meeting concluded with an agreement on innovation and business between two universities.

The delegation of Taiwan University then enjoyed a welcome lunch, along with Professor Hao Ping, Professor Li Yansong and 60 other representatives from PKU at Chaitai International Center. Professor Hao said that the communication and cooperation between two universities would play a leading and positive in role in the development of the cross-strait education and the cross-strait relation as well.

Professor Hao Ping

The inspiring lecture

On the morning of April 26, President Yang Panchi delivered a keynote speech at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Under the title ‘From clinical to translational research and higher education’, President Yang shared his ideas on innovation in higher education and its role in society, based on his professional experience of clinical research. President Lin talked with President Yang about talent cultivation in universities, air quality and the social responsibility of youth.

The keynote speech

In the afternoon, President Yang gave a speech titled “New era of lung cancer therapy: from precision to cure” at the PKU Health Science Center. He introduced cutting-edge knowledge of medical care. He believes that by using information on genomes, proteasomes and metabolic activity, a step forward in the discovery of a cure for cancer could be made. President Yang had a brief exchange of views on lung cancer therapy with the attendees after his speech.

Yang giving a speech at the PKU Health Science Center

Scholarly Communication for Academic Enhancement

The holding of Taiwan Universities Day at Peking University and Peking University Day at Taiwan University is of great significance for the two universities in terms of academic communication and enhancement, which also plays a positive role in the development of cross-strait relations in the long term.

Discussions between Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, and College of Management, Taiwan University
Written by: Li Xiaotong
Edited by: Wang Yuqing/ Gan Zhonghao