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119th Anniversary of PKU: “Family Time” Alumni Homecoming Activity held

MAY . 16 2017
Peking University, May 13, 2017: May 4, 2017 is PKU’s 119 years old birthday and this year is also the launching year of 120th anniversary. Sudden sand storm did not affect alumni’s passion for going back to their old school while Yan Yuan was waiting for them. Alumni of all ages came back to PKU, came back to their forever spirit home and gave birthday wishes to their Alma Mater.
Alumni Returning PKU
PKU Alumni Association together with other departments prepared wonderful activities for the alumni: alumni reunion, alumni cultural festival, cultural tours, PKU 119th Anniversary “Double First Rate” Construction Communication seminar and PKU 120th Anniversary Lauching Ceremony etc, in which numerous alumni were attracted to join. These activities made the alumni feel like a student again when they were at PKU and experience the development of Peking University.
Alumni Cominghome Activities Introduction
5 o’clock in the morning, Yan Yuan welcome the first batch of alumni. Through 144 hours, across 1,200 km, from Xin Yang to Yan Yuan, PKU 100871 Running Club members participating in the relay ran across a long way to come back to PKU on May 4th. They ran into PKU through the West Gate, then ran around library and Weiming Lake, and finally broke the tape at the foot of Boya Tower. 100871 Running Club and local alumni presented their special gift through this public welfare long-distance relay: “PKU, happy birthday! We love you!”
Running Club breaking the tape
Alumni Gathering at Nongyuan Dining Hall 1st floor
At the same time, Alumni Association of the National Southwest Association University also held activities at Yingjie Star Hall. While the National Southwest Association University is about welcome its 80th anniversary, this Alumni Association reviewed and looked ahead of the alumni work, and meanwhile reported the preparing work for the upcoming 80th anniversary.
Reunion of the National Southwest Association University Alumni
At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, north square of PKU Gymnasium became crowded. During their participation in the various alumni activities— transacting Alumni cards or PKU CITIC credit cards, donating for PKU, receiving map and activity materials and so on, alumni felt the deep solicitude of PKU. The mysterious machine “Yan Yuan Jun Young Sister” who has answered questions at WeChat Alumni Service for a long time, showed up to celebrate the birthday. “Young Sister” actively interacted with alumni, which revealed the development of technology and humane solicitude.
“Yan Yuan Jun Young Sister”
Alumni Donating for PKU
Alunmi also witnessed the PKU 119th Anniversary Celebration and  PKU 120th Anniversary Launching Ceremony.
In addition to offline activities, there were also online activities on this Homecoming Day. Alumni Association of PKU opened live broadcast allowing for those who could not come back to the school, to watch all the activities for that day and to know the latest news of PKU. The Alumni Association also planned "Blessing delivering: I'm a PKUer, Happy birthday to PKU 119th anniversary" online activity. Within 24hours,  hundreds of alumni sent their blessing messages; the activity got over four million web hits, and alumni’s wide participation as well as many favorable comments.
“Blessing Delivering: I’m a PKUer, Happy birthday to PKU’s 119th anniversary”
Written by: Wu Fangxu
Edited by: Wang Qian