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Interview Session: Four Generations of PKUers sharing their Affections for Peking University

MAY . 15 2017

Peking University, May 4, 2017: On May 4th , 2017, Peking University’s 120th Anniversary Celebration Launching Ceremony was held in Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium. Four generations of PKUers gathered together and shared their affections and stories for Peking University (PKU).

Four generations of PKUers--Lou Yulie, professor from Department of Philosophy, and of Religious Studies; Jimmy, journalist of CNN; Chen Peng, professor from College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering; and undergraduate student from College of Urban and Environment Sciences--gathered together, shared their stories of Peking University and feelings to it.

Lou Yulie

Lou Yulie, leading scholar of Chinese studies, is at an advanced age of 83. He entered Peking University in 1955. He shared his reasons for choosing PKU: First, he chose to study philosophy,a subject unifying Arts and Science and thus catering his interest. Second, after the adjustment of departments, all masters in philosophy came to Peking University and, thus, he followed their steps. Looking backwards, he notices he was unconsciously influenced by all these philosophical masters, and understood that they are those who guide his dreams and belief unperceivably.He hopes that “education would cast light on amateurs and enlighten the specialists”. He believes that the new generation of Peking University students are more fortunate and outstanding than he was, which reflects progress of the environment and the era.

Jaime A. FlorCruz

Jaime A. FlorCruz, the former president of CNN, Beijing, is an international student of  School of 1977, PKU. When recalling his campus life, he said that in order to better communicate with Chinese students, he deliberately chose to have meals in Chinese student canteen. They stood around a big table and talked owing to a lack of chairs in the canteen. He learned about Chinese history and culture from Chinese students while they learn more about the development of foreign countries from him. As an international journalist, Jaime hopes PKUers would carry forward the democratic and scientific spirit to build an open and globalized China.

Chen Peng

Chen Peng entered Peking University in 1998 when it celebrated its 100 birthday  The academic life in Peking University made him embark on a new level and opened the door towards a new world. He studied abroad for a few years. Facing the excellent scientific research environment and persuasion of his supervisor, Chen still chose to return China and engage himself in teaching and doing research in his Alma Mater. When asked about his choice, he replied, “not only did I chose PKU twice, but also did PKU admitted me twice.  I have to thank my Alma Mater.”

Deng Handuo

Deng Handuo was born on May the 4th, 1998, the centenary of the founding of Peking University, and entered Peking University in 2016, which is quite a coincidence. She was asked in the interview of “Boya Program”about the reason to study in Peking University, she answered that because she and Peking university shared the same birthday. With her experience of campus life for less than a year, she is still experiencing the atmosphere of Peking University and recording her stories. She is also a volunteer in Peking University Hallto witness the present and the future of it.

She recalled the scene of being invited to share her story. She said that at first, she only knew she was going to be interviewed with several other PKUers, with no idea that it would be in the form of live broadcast. She did not know the other interviewees were highly respected alumni. “I thought they were like me, sharing the same birthday as Peking University." In the launching ceremony, she was deeply moved by the stories of the three seniors, and was encouraged especially by the academic determination and patriotic passion incarnated by Professor Lou. She mentioned that this birthday was the most meaningful ever and she would like to participate in the preparation activities of 120th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony next year to celebrate the mutual birthday of PKU and herself.

Four generations, four stories stood in the stage of 120th Anniversary Celebration Launching Ceremony with numerous PKUers expressing their feelings towards Peking University in their own way. Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine, PKU alumna Tu Youyou expressed her blessing to Peking University. She said that the future belongs to the younger generations and she hoped that young students could have a sense of responsibility on the whole nation and adhere to the upright spirit while being innovative and making more contributions to the future of our country and human beings.

The launching ceremony tells stories of Peking University and pass its spirit in the form of in-depth interview and rich art performance. Peking University Council Chairman Hao Ping, President Lin Jianhua, the majority of Peking University teachers, students and representatives of alumni witnessed this historical moment

Written by: Pan Xuru, Wu Chaochao
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou