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SJTU President Lin Zhongqin visits PKU

MAY . 12 2017
PKU News Center, 8 May 2017: On the morning of May 5, 2017, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)President Lin Zhongqin paid a visit to PKU with his delegation. PKU President Lin Jianhua, Vice President Gao Song, and other school leaders held a meeting with them.

PKU school leaders meeting the SJTU delegation
Lin Jianhua welcomed the delegation and recalled the cooperation between the two schools, including the construction of two State Key Laboratories. Lin Zhongqin said that the delegation came not just to discuss this year’s assessment of the State Key Laboratories, but also to draw lessons from PKU’s experience in cultivating teachers and educating students.

Lin Jianhua speaking

Lin Zhongqin speaking
The State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks, which was established by SJTU and PKU, will soon undergo national assessment. Thus, the meeting first focused on the evaluation. Professor He Zuyuan from Department of Electronic Engineering, SJTU, introduced this year’s assessment scheme briefly, gave a report on the preparation of the lab, and pointed out several problems. The two sides then carried out a heated discussion, and reached an agreement. Professor Mao Junfa, dean of the Department of Electronic Engineering, SJTU, and Professor Huang Ru, dean of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, PKU, expressed their support for the development of the State Key Laboratory. Lin Jianhua hoped that both sides could keep confidence, finish the evaluation work well, and jointly strive to improve the laboratory.
Then Liu Bo, director of the Department of Human Resources, PKU, introduced the structure of faculty members at PKU, the 100 Talents Plan which started in 2005, and comprehensive reform that was launched in 2014. Both sides exchanged ideas on payment, evaluation, promotion, and future development. Lin Jianhua noted that talent systems should be beneficial to the growth of youth, and allow for their development.
Professor Fu Suiyan from School of Earth and Space Sciences, PKU, shared PKU’s experience in constructing a General Education system. She stressed that through combining vocational education with liberal education, and making full use of resources available, the schools could cultivate students in various ways and explore new education methods. Lin Zhongqin and Wu Jingyi, director of the Office of Undergraduate Education, SJTU, raised issues concerning course requirements, financial support and curriculum evaluation. Gao Song pointed out that vocational education should absorb the educational concept of liberal education, and guide students to study independently. As President Lin Jianhua said, the key to successful education is to arouse the enthusiasm of teachers through reform. In order to accomplish this, PKU launched a reform last year and enhanced student mobility (students can now freely change their major within their divisions).
Written by: Zhou Yijing
Edited by: Wang Yuqing/ Gan Zhonghao