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Let’s Read about Mao Zedong Published in Dutch

MAY . 12 2017
Peking University, May 5, 2017: The Dutch version of Laten Wij Over Mao Zedong Lezen (Let’s Read about Mao Zedong) was published at Chinese Culture Center in Hague on April 10th. This is another teen’s book published by the China Children’s Press & Publication Group (CCPPG) and Leonon Media, Netherlands.
Lenard Wolters, CEO of Leonon Media, said that the ideas and practice of Mao Zedong has great influence on today’s China. Therefore it is hard to understand China without knowing Mao Zedong. Since Europeans know about Mao mostly through western media, he believes that this book, imported from China, will provide new perspectives and will help youths in Netherlands and Dutch-speaking area in Belgium know more about China.
Leonon Media, founded in 2002, publishes books mainly on society, culture, education, economy, and children’s books. Its sales is outstanding among presses in the same field. It introduced many Chinese children’s books from China, including Karl Marx for Young Reades.
According to Wolters, Karl Marx for Young Readers has enjoyed a good sale among books of the same theme, so Let’s Read about Mao Zedong also has a great perspective.
Let’s Read about Mao Zedong and Karl Marx for Young Readers are written by Prof. Han Yuhai from Peking University. The Dutch translator of the two books Westra-Nijhuis told the reporter that the translation is very meaningful because both Mao and Marx have made great influence on world history. She also said that both the original texts and their translations are suitable for youths and she believes that young readers will absolutely remember the names and stories of these two great figures.
According to Li Xueqian, president of China Children’s Press, the copyrights of these two books above have been exported to many countries such as the United States, Netherlands and Nepal, and Publishers from Germany and Italy also have plans to publish these books.
Written by: Hu Yue
Edited by: Xu Penghang
Source: Xinhua News