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Coming for You: 120th Anniversary Celebration Launching Ceremony

MAY . 11 2017
Peking University, May 5, 2017: On May 4, 2017, Peking University 120th Anniversary Celebration Launching Ceremony was held at Peking University Gymnasium. PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping, President Lin Jianhua, guests, representatives of alumni and more than 3,000 teachers and students witnessed this historical moment.
The opening ceremony told PKU stories, conveyed PKU spirit, reflected the achievements of PKU reform, and represented the “Leading the Future: Honoring Traditions and Pioneering Innovations” anniversary theme in forms of solemn ceremony, in-depth individual interview, vivid achievement exhibition of teaching and scientific research, and brisk artistic performance.

Scene of Ceremony
Basing on the present, leading the future
The opening ceremony began with Mu Dan’s majestic poem Glorification, then symphonic poem Beida, coming from history reviewed the important moments since its founding in the year 1898, and showed PKU’s glorious tradition: Patriotism, Progress, Democracy and Science.
President Lin gave a speech with regard to 120-year history of Peking University. He indicated that PKU should “honor the tradition”, follow development rules of higher education, stick to the tradition, and rebuild public trust and honor; PKU should also emphasize “innovation”, keep pace with the times, deepen comprehensive reform, and always uphold the pioneering spirit; furthermore, PKU should intend to “leading the future”, to inspire the potentials of every institution and individual, to cultivate talents to become the leaders of the future, and to produce new ideas, frontier science and future technology which can influence our nation and human progress.

President Lin giving a Speech
Carrying on tradition, Pioneering innovation
The opening ceremony invited 4 generations of PKUers to get together to share their feelings for and stories.
Four Generations of PKUers
Taking root in academy, persistence and inheritance are the creeds of Professor Lou Yulie, professor of Department of Philosophy and Religious studies, famous cultural scholars, leading authority in Sinology and alumni of 1955.
Seeking truth and keeping an eye on the world are the expectations of Jimmy, the former president of CNN Beijing branch.

Chen Peng, entering PKU at its 100th anniversary, returned back to his Alma Mater after overseas study. Now he is the professor of College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering.
Deng Handuo, a 2016 undergraduate student of College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, was born on May 4th in 1998, the very day of PKU’s 100th anniversary. As a young student, Deng represents the present and the future of Peking University, and shoulder the mission and responsibility.
Owning distinguished scholars and professionals, PKUers not only can pioneer innovation in the changing era, but also pursue their academic career in peace and calmness. For twelve decades, PKUers has built its inclusive academic atmosphere, democratic character and patriotic passion. Just as the song “Coming for You” sings, PKUers are full of spirit of dedication and mission. Every PKUer’s “coming” together composes the symphony of PKU’s “coming for Country, Ethnic and Society”.
Challenging ourselves, daring to take the lead
PKUers witnessed the development of PKU, and PKU gave PKUers opportunity to achieve their dreams. At the opening of 120th anniversary, Mountaineering Association united famous alumni and graduates of the club to challenge the world’s highest peak. During the ceremony, the mountaineers training at Everest Base Camp were connected to the ceremony by video in which they reported their climbing towards the 7,000-meter North Col of Qomolangma. They also showed the badge of PKU made by stones from Qomolangma to express their congratulations to PKU on the top of the world.
Climbing Qomolangma embodies PKUers’ longing for nature, and self-challenge as well as school’s encouragement on young students to explore and innovate. The purpose of climbing is: not to reach the peak but to cultivate and develop oneself during the climbing process; not to conquer nature but to respect nature and life.
The footprints of PKUers has covered every corner of the world. The 100871 Running Club gave its present to PKU through running: the runners keeping running for 144 hours, 1,200 kilometers across He Nan province, He Bei province and Beijing. And they showed up at the opening ceremony with the music “Dragon Rise” performed by Student Chinese Orchestra. At the ceremony, “PKUer Global Relay Race” program was released.

PKU 100871 Running Club Showing up
Before the opening section, Hao Ping delivered a speech. Hao pointed out that the construction and development of Beida are closely connected with the destiny of the nation and ethnic. Therefore, PKUers should take on the responsibility to make contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and progress of social civilization. Hao called on all PKUers to welcome the 120th anniversary.

Hao delivering a Speech
From Red Building to Yanyuan, Beida has gone through 119 years. The 120th anniversary would have special meaning in its history of development. It is a new time to achieve solidarity and cultivate talents, to develop scientific researches and social services, and to honor tradition and innovation, and it also marks a great chance to develop Chinese higher education.

Start-up of 120th anniversary

Artistic Performance

Group Photo of the Guests
Written by: Wu Fangxu
Edited by: Wang Qian / Zhang Jiang