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Narratives at the 119th Anniversary Celebration of Peking University

MAY . 07 2017

Peking University, May 4, 2017:  The celebration of the 119th anniversary of Peking University was held at PKU Hall on May 4. It is themed “Leading the Future: Honoring Traditions and Pioneering Innovations”. Government officials were present at the celebration. Hao Ping, chairman of the Peking University Council, Lin Jianhua, president of the university and other school officials and representatives, totaling more than 2,000 people, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Professor Dong Qiang, director of the French Department of the School of Foreign Languages.

The conference

Over 60 renowned scholars and students at Peking University told their stories on stage or via video-link. This is the first time such a format is adopted at Peking University’s anniversary celebrations throughout its history. Their stories included their understandings about research, teaching and campus life, as well as their attachments to the values of the university.

Professor Dong hosting the conference

Hao Ping: Solidarity, Pragmatism and Endeavor

Introduced by a video entitled “Academic Achievements Lead the Future of PKU”, Hao Ping shared his feelings and visions for the future development of PKU. He indicated that PKU should conduct research and develop thought which could influence the world, serve society and the people and invest the most and distribute the best resources among teachers and students.

Hao delivering a speech

Discipline Development: Forward-thinking and Cross-Disciplinary Development

Several scholars presented their thoughts on the topic of discipline development. Deng Xiaonan, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences School delivered a speech on the topic of “Nurturing Academics and Awakening Ideas", sharing the perseverance and exploration of the Humanities and Social Sciences based on fundamental courses. Focused on the topic “Progress in Serenity”, Wu Hong, Dean of the School of Life Sciences, shared stories of the things and people that moved her. Zhan Qimin, Director of the Health Science Center, said that health science at PKU is just in the best of times and will lead innovation. The topic of his speech is “A Holistic Consideration of Health Science at PKU”.

Talent cultivation: Discovering the self and Expecting the Future

Education is a process of unrelenting exploration. PKU has always provided students with the best learning experiences in order to cultivate people who can lead the future. Vice President Gao Song delivered a speech entitled “Cultivating Future Leaders”, introducing PKU’s attempt at educational reform. PKU is committed to cultivating unique students who can think freely. Li Yuhan, an undergraduate student at Yuanpei College and Xiao Yineng, a doctoral candidate at the Law School, shared their own stories at PKU and conveyed the vital meaning of "discovering what I love, and love what I love”.

Li and Xiao sharing their stories

Lin Jianhua: Contradictions are the Sharp Pains of Progress

Finally, Lin delivered a speech on "Contradictions are the Sharp Pains of Progress", sharing his three points of view. "Campus is education", all PKUers should work together to build a beautiful campus; "scholars are university", scholars plays a key role in the university; "academia accomplishes future", for an outstanding university, its academica research should be always at the leading edge of the academica development. He also put forward that the contradictions are merely the sharp pain of progress, honoring traditions and pioneering innovation will break through the dilemma in the face of long-term development. 

Lin delivering a speech

At the opening ceremony, Hang Kan, dean of Archaeology and Museology School, Tang Chao, executive dean of Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AAIS), Qiao Jie, dean of Peking University Third Hospital and Fu Suiyan, director of the Educational Administration Office, also gave speeches at the opening ceremony. In addition, the conference also told stories about PKU through a series of impressive videos. 

Professors speaking at the open ceremony

The conference was broadcast live to its audiences through 7 platforms, including The Wisdom Tree, Tencent, Youku, Sina, Netease, People's Daily client, and Fenghuang Net. It also received coverage from more than 50 domestic and foreign medias. 

Written by: Wu Mingying
Edited by: Xu Liangdi / Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (in Chinese)