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Celebration of the 119th anniversary of Peking University embroidered with major endowments

MAY . 05 2017
Peking University, May 5th, 2017: In the blooming days of May, the glorious 119th anniversary of the founding of Peking University is now jovially celebrated. A major endowment has been recently received, which shall be utilized in favorable support of the development of the educational and research enterprises.
Mulanhui Public Welfare Foundation, HNA Group and Mr. Wu Xianhong, Chairman of the board of Verakin Real Estate Co., Ltd, have respectively donated 300 million yuan, 150 million yuan and 120 million yuan to Peking University. These donations mainly consist of permanent funds, the revenue of which shall be used for the furtherance of educational programs. The application of the endowment, while featured with disparate characteristics, aligns with the strategic reforms in major areas, particularly promoting the funds of Boya Chair professors and Boya scholarships.
Ms. He Qiaonv, chairman of Beijing Orient Landscape Co., Ltd., contributed in 2011 to the establishment of the Fund of Chair Professors of Orient Landscape Ecological City Planning in the College of Architecture and Landscape of Peking University. And this time she, along with some other directors of Mulanhui Public Welfare Foundation, again donated 300 million yuan to Peking University in support of a number of educational and social progressions, including the establishment of Mulan Fund of National School of Development, the advancement of the employment and startup instruction for impoverished females and female leadership research, the staging of the Mulan International Female Leadership Forum, the founding of the PKU Mulan Program of scholarships, research grants and chair professor funds.
HNA Group, which has always been concerned with the education and employment of college students, launched a scholarship program in Peking University as far back as 10 years ago. At this fine hour of the 119th anniversary of Peking University, HNA contributed 150 million yuan to the establishment of PKU HNA Educational Fund and the development of HNA Boya Chair Professor Fund, International Government Talent Fund, Chunhui Fund and Chuangxing Fund Program, in facilitation of various educational advancements.
The Peking University alumni, Chairman of Verakin Mr. Wu Xianhong donated 120 million yuan to the establishment of PKU Wu Xianhong Educational Fund and the founding and furtherance of Wu Xianhong Boya Chair Professor Fund, Boya Scholarship Fund, International Communication Fund and Shu Ren Research Fund, fostering the recruitment of prominent teaching talents and the cultivation of leading young men of great aptitude and virtue in various fields.
Written by: Ma Xiao
Edited by: Li Ruiqi