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Gentleman Chi Road wins First Prize of“Excellent Reading of Care for Next Generation”

MAY . 04 2017
Peking University, Apr. 28, 2017: Recently, Gentleman Chi Road compiled by Secretary Department of Committee of Care for Next Generation, Peking University won “Excellent Reading of Care for Next Generation” first prize and Lotus album second prize. Meanwhile, Committee of Care for Next Generation of Peking University was awarded “Beijing Education System Care for Next Generation Committee Information Promotion Advanced Unit”.
It spends three years to finish Gentleman Chi Road. During the three years, nearly 40 young students were interviewed and 37 interview manuscripts of retired comrades of Peking University were collected. It focuses on promoting the dedication and lofty character of the comrades skilled in academic and willingness to cultivate students, and their rich life experiences and wisdom of life to guide young students to grow into talents. The book has received great support from Peking University comrades and been highly valued by school leaders. Peking University Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan wrote in the preface of the book, “The old are treasures. They are the wealth of Peking University and our country.” The book was officially published by Peking University Press in October 2016.
Lotus is a collection from the Peking University Lotus Art Collection. In 2013, Mr. Yang Xin, a retired cadre of Peking University and professor of Philosophy, donated 148 pieces of lotus art collections to Peking University, and established the Peking University Lotus Art Collection. In July 2014, based on the Louts Art Collection, Peking University Care for Next Generation Committee build the school’s first “Morality Strengthening Education Base” to combine the aesthetic education and moral education. As an important educational media, the album has been very popular. The committee also produced a series of DV albums. Via a wealth of art collections and a variety of forms of publicity, the Committee actively guide young students to study the outstanding traditional culture profoundly, and further create a good nurturing atmosphere for practicing the socialist core values. In June 2015, it was officially unveiled as “Care for Next Generation Education Base” of the Ministry of Education Care for Next Generation Committee and Beijing Education System Care for Next Generation Committee.
In recent years, under the high attention and strong support of superior leadership, Peking University Care for Next Generation Committee has been studying and implementing the spirit of the series of important speeches by Xi Jinping. Around the basic task of morality strengthening education, the committee has been utilizing Peking University’s all-around education platform to actively explore new ways of caring for the next generation and build multi-dimensional education system to elevate the influence and coverage of morality strengthening work. These have achieved good results and been recognized by higher authorities.
In the future, Peking University Care for Next Generation Committee will study and practice the spirit of “No. 31 Central Document” as an opportunity to continue to innovate ways and means, and set up Boya Silver Age Tutor”, “Boya Silver Age Leader” and other old comrades teams. The committee will carry out a series of educational activities in campus to carry forward the traditional culture, guide young people to establish life outlook, world outlook and values, direct young people to become firm believers, active communicators and model practitioners, promote the efforts of “care for next generation” to a new level, and finally make new contributions to the fundamental tasks of morality strengthening education and speeding up the building of world-class university.
Written by: Liang Youle
Edited by: Wang Chengsiou
Source: PKU News (Chinese)