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The 24th Sports Festival of Peking University held at Wu-si

APR . 25 2017

Peking University, April 23, 2017: On the morning of April 22, the opening ceremony of the 24th Sports Festival of Peking University was held at the Wu-si Sports Center. 50 units joined in the sports meeting, including nearly 1936 faculty members and 1947 students to participate in 133 sports competitions, group gymnastics and opening performances. 8 school sports records were broken during the sports meeting. Chairman of Peking University Council Hao Ping, President Lin Jianhua and other school leaders attended the opening ceremony. Vice President Gao Song presided over the opening ceremony.

The opening performance is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the opening ceremony. Students created a series of shows in combination with the characteristics of their respective departments. The participation and coordination between students and faculties in the performance created a new opening form of SportsFestival at Peking University . Cai Yuanpei’s "To cultivate a well-roundedperson, sportsmust come first " was fully embodied by the performances.


At the scene of the opening performance

In his speech, Gao Song reviewed the sports tradition and physical education concepts of Peking University, and affirmed the achievements of sports work of Peking University, especially the public sports work in recent years. He hoped that faculties and students can “Civilize their spirit, barbarizetheir physique”, quoting Chairman Mao. President Lin Jianhua also delivered a warm and enthusiastic speech at the opening ceremony.
Physical education has always been an important part of PKU mission. From May 28 to 29, 1905, the Imperial University of Peking, predecessor of Peking University, held the first school sports festival and issued a statement: "Our purpose is to cultivate well-rounded talents for whom moral and physical education are both indispensable." In addition, the Imperial University of Peking for the first time put forward that "sport is an important means to develop national integrity". The idea of physical education closely linked sports, education and national fate together.

Performing Eight Pieces of Brocade (Baduanjin)

Over the past few years, Peking University has made great progress in physical education. It has provided a variety of physical courses during weekdays, built ordinary student sport teams and equipped them with coaches, provided instructors for students’ sports clubs, and made a positive attempt for public sports work. In addition, the Department of Physical Education fully integrated internal and external to create a large number of popular institutionalized, branded sports activities, such as "May 4th Night Running", "Winter Cross-campus Long-distance Running", "Peking University Fitness Festival", and "Outdoor Sports Festival".

Written by: Lu Linlin
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)