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Professor Yu Kongjian awarded Doctor Honoris Causa

APR . 20 2017
Peking University, Apr. 10, 2017: On Apr. 7, 2017, Yu Kongjian, dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Peking University, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by Sapienza University of Rome as a commendation of his great accomplishments in terms of scientific researches, innovative designs and educational devotions in the fields of landscape architecture and ecology.

The award ceremony was held at the Academic Senate Hall at Sapienza University of Rome, hosted by the university’s president Eugenio Gaudio and with the presence of all members in the Doctoral Committee. Professor Yu received the award following the traditional way of the university.
During the ceremony, President Eugenio Gaudio highly praised professor Yu for his great accomplishments and devoted practices in promoting the development of landscape architecture and ecological designs of cities aroundthe world. Professor Giuseppe Carascia Mugnozza, vice-president in charge of cultural communication and Professor Alessandra Capuan, dean of faculty doctorate of Design and Management of Landscape and environment, then gave a speech consecutively, in which they spoke highly of professor Yu’s contributions, especially his inheritance of the innovative spirit of Peking University. The Doctor Honoris Causa awarded to Yu Kongjian was a representation of the University of Rome's traditionof respecting and promoting academic achievements.

Professor Kongjian Yu then delivered a lecture entitled "Reconnecting Man and Nature through the Revival of Ancient Wisdom", in which he used actual projects to illustrate the importance and necessity of combining “ancient wisdom of farming and dwelling”, which “have transformed the landscapes at the large scale and sustained humanity for thousands of years”, with “modern sciences and technologies to solve today’s urban ecological problems” instead of building expensive grey infrastructure that may generate even more pollution.

Sapienza University of Rome is the most famous university in Italy and the biggest university in Europe with more than 130,000 students. It is also one of the oldest universities in the world with a history of more than 700 years.
Written By: Chen Yifan
Edited By: Xu Penghang