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Twenty-eight PKU professors and scholars receive the Yangtze River Scholar award for 2016

APR . 13 2017
Peking University April 6, 2017: The Ministry of Education of PRC has released a list of 440 prominent scholars receiving the Yangtze River Scholar award for 2016. Among them are 15 distinguished professors and 13 young scholars from Peking University.

The Yangtze River Scholars Program, along with the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and the Young Talents Program composes the supporting system of cultivating great talents in China. Peking University has made it to the top since the program began. Since the beginning of the program, the total number of Peking University members who have received the Yangtze River Scholar award is 236, including 167 distinguished professors, 41 chair professors and 28 young scholars. The list for 2016 is as follows:

Written by: Li Xiaotong
Edited by: Wang Yuqing
Source: PKU News (Chinese)