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PKU Sixth Hospital holds World Sleep Day event

APR . 07 2017
Peking University Sixth Hospital, March 20, 2017: In order to enhance public awareness of sleep health and quality, Peking University Sixth Hospital organized a series of activities on the morning of March 20 related to the World Sleep Day.
Sleep, as an indispensable part of life, has a great bearing on our health. Having a sleeping disorder can lead to both physical and mental health issues, including cardiovascular disease, low immunity and mental illness. Having led to many chronic diseases, sleep disorders are now a serious public health problem. World Sleep Day, with this year’s motto being “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”, calls for public awareness on preventing sleep disorders.
Doctor Sun Hongqiang, Chief Physician of the Sleep Medicine Center, Peking University Sixth Hospital, hosted a lecture on sleep science. Doctor Lu Lin, Director of the hospital, gave a talk on the relationship between sleep and health. He noted that the two are closely related, and that lack of sleep could result in serious health problems. Doctor Sun Wei made a report focusing on the self-management of insomnia.
After the lectures, Doctor Lu Lin announced the release of the book On Sleep. A book donation activity was also held. The book, edited by Lu, aims to help people understand sleep disorders and chronic diseases, and enjoy the benefits of sound sleep.
Lectures and the book donation activity
In addition, doctors of the Sleep Medicine Center, along with the Ward Branch and Graduate Branch, offered free consultations at the event. Many citizens didn’t know much about sleep even though they had sleep disorders, and those paying attention showed their concerns for the lack of options for proper treatment.
Doctors from PKU Sixth Hospital providing free consultations
Written by: Zhou Yijing
Edited by: Wang Yuqing & Gan Zhonghao