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"Healthy sleep away from chronic disease"---2017 World Sleep Day China theme release conference

MAR . 31 2017
Peking University, March 24, 2017: The 2017 World Sleep Day China theme conference and large-scale science activities was inaugurated at China Science and Technology Hall on March 18. Nearly 100 people, including China Sleep Research Association Director Hu Fumei and Deputy Director Zhang Xilong, Sleep Medicine of PKU Health Science Center Director Han Fang and Deputy Director Gao Xuemei, Mayo Clinic Sleep center MD Professor Timothy I. Morgenthaler and many other sleep experts, entrepreneurs and news media attended the conference.

The conference

Han releasing the theme

Professor Han declared the "Healthy Sleep away from Chronic Disease” as the theme of 2017 World Sleep Day, which intended to popularize sleep knowledge regarding cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, mental disorders and other chronic diseases so as to strengthen public awareness about chronic disease and healthy sleep.

Timothy I. Morgenthaler delivering a speech
Professor Morgenthaler further interpreted the status quo of American Sleep Medicine.

Zhang proclaiming sleep data
Professor Zhang Xilong announced a large data on China sleep diagnosis and treatment, which spread out an in-depth analysis of hospital system around China. The analysis indicated that with the enhanced awareness of sleep diseases, patients have to wait 2-3 weeks for top three hospitals sleep center treatment. 
China's sleep center construction has advanced development in recent decade, but the insufficient professional physicians and technicians could not feed the needs of society. The sleep medicine still had a long way to go because hospitals that hadfull-time sleep physicians and techniciansonlyoccupied 16% of all.

Gao publishing sleep status quo
Professor Gao showed a report on 2017 Chinese youth sleep status quo, which revealed a close relation between sleep and chronic diseases.
After the meeting, Professor Han explained to the journalists that sleep is an active process of restoring energy and eliminating fatigue. Adequate sleep along with balanced diet and proper exercise are the recognized three health standards of the international community. In order to arouse common awareness of sleep importance, China Sleep Research Association has introduced "World Sleep Day" into China in 2003.

With the high-speed economic development and modernization of China,some modern diseases and rich diseases such as sleep disorders, obesity and psychological problems have become increasingly prominent. The development of Chinese sleep medicine directly promotes the effective prevention of chronic diseases, improves life qualityand span, and meets1.3 billion Chinese people’s needs on sleep disorders treatment and sleep care.

In short, with the accelerated pace of modern life and lifestyle changes, sleep issue is not merely a medical problem. Varieties of sleep disorders are posing increasing threat to public health. PKU Health Science Center enjoys natural advantage and responsibility to lead domestic precedent and international trend towards the construction of sleep medicine science.

Written by:
Wu Mingying

Edited by: Wang Qian