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Professor Liu Haiying awarded “The Most Beautiful Doctors” of the year 2016

MAR . 20 2017
Peking University, Mar. 19, 2017: Recently, CCTV held the award ceremony of “Finding the Most Beautiful Doctors of the year 2016” activity in Beijing. Peking University People's Hospital Professor Liu Haiying was one of the ten individual award winners. Liu Haiying is the head of the department of spine surgery in Peking University People's Hospital, and chairman of the Beijing Haiying Spine Health Public Welfare Foundation.

Liu Haiying’s story was presented in the award ceremony
Organized by CCTV and the National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC, “Finding the Most Beautiful Doctors of the year 2016” awarded ten doctors and one medical team. At the ceremony, Liu Haiying was the first one to receive the award. He shared his recent experiences of medical treatment with the hostess Jing Yidan and the audience.

Liu Haiying
Only in the year of 2016, Liu Haiying and his team have saved thousands of people in Henan, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Yunan province etc. He also successfully held the “Aiding Tibet” program press conference. He and his team cooperated with Tencent and, for the first time in China, webcasted the whole process of a surgery. Liu Haiying stressed, helping the patients get back on their feet and changing their fate was what he yearned for.
Written by: Zhou Yingying
Edited by: Li Ruiqi