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[NPC & CPPCC] Lin Jianhua: Reinforce education integration to create more choices

MAR . 20 2017
Peking University, Mar. 19, 2017: According to Voice of China, “the comprehensive educational reform in universities is the path to ‘world-class university and first-class discipline construction.’” Early in 2014, the National Leading Group of Educational System Reform required "two universities and one city"—Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shanghai Municipality, to serve as the comprehensive reform pilots. Later on, many universities also actively participated in the program.
Peking University is deemed as the benchmark of China's educational reform and its Principal, Lin Jianhua, is considered to be one of most innovative presidents in China.The comprehensive reform of Peking University has advanced steadily with an optimal result under Lin’s progressive efforts since his inauguration in February 2015.
During the two sessions, President Lin as a representative of National People's Congress, claimed that in order to undertake and accomplish educational reform, we must first clarify why the reform is necessary and essential. Lin indicated that the most important purpose of PKU’s educational reformis to cultivate talents, and the direction of future reform would focus more on students and endeavor to offer them with better learning and growing experience.
In order torealize this goal, Lin divided PKU’s comprehensive reform into five aspects: personnel system, governance system, subject architecture, resource allocation and education reform as its core issue. And the most urgent issue of education reform is the lack of passion among the teachers.
Lin also pointed out that the biggest problem beset research universities today is how teachers can properly deal with the relation between teaching and research. It is said that in order to activate teacher’s enthusiasm, Lin and his reform team have sorted out the "internal logic of the university”, that is it is vital to strike a balance between teacher's essential aspiration for academic success and university’s appeal for talent cultivation. In the matter of teaching, schools and departments are entitled to ask teacher to deliver lectures. And in order to mobilize the passion of the faculty, Peking University launched major and class freedom choice polices, which started from the fall of undergraduate students enrolled in 2016.
In addition, Lin expressed that the entire education model should be adapted for PKU. The reform of personnel system has also attracted great attention since the implementation of the new promotion policy. The critical task now is the integration of the old and new systems.
Mr. Lu Xun once said, "Peking University is the vanguard of innovation and improved movement, and it should keep giving impetus to the progress and development of China". This quote is still hanging in the official website of Peking University, which seemed to indicate PKU’s mission on the road of educational reform.
Lin concluded that education always demand change and exploration to move forward. The way we have chosen may not be a perfect one but it must be able to solve current problems, which may generate new challenges. It is in the issues produced and resolved process that we are forging ahead.
Written by: Wu Mingying
Edited by: Wang Qian
Source:China National Radio